Spreading the word: Hugh Jackman as Curly in Oklahoma! on PBS on the 29th.

*goes off whistling “Surrey with the Fringe on Top”*

Priscilla Answers Questions Posed in the Last Meme:

Rebecca: Working on it. There’s this peculiar shade of greenish ochre that arises when wintry gusts from the Northeast interact with smog that’s being exceptionally stubborn, but other than that, my pallate is pretty much complete. I’m probably running the hidden pine trails of the forest wrong.

Megaloo: Booyeah. Just don’t spread the link around, as certain people can probably expect it as a Christmas present.

Allison D.: Erik Erikkson all the way. After hanging around with Tom Tompkins in Jesuit theatre, I’ve learned that people with unoriginal first names have a lot of pent-up anger. The namesake of a froofy cosmetics line doesn’t stand a chance.

Allison L.: I would have to say Pippin, as I haven’t seen M&C yet. However, Barrett have to be pretty bloody squeeworthy to out-cute a hobbit.

Renata: At school, I miss the taste of dishes flavored with spices other than garlic. And at home, I’ll miss having everything worth going in walking distance.

Ashley: Fandom.

Brenna: 547 1/2

Tanja: Remus and Sirius could give them a run for their thirty pieces of silver, but the timelessness of their relationship would win out in the end.

Hurrah! I forgot to mention that at Zombie Prom, I noticed the name “Wonny Lervisit” on the program under lights crew. Wonny is a Hockaday grad (I had no idea she went to Penn!), so I tracked her down during the Intermission to say hello. Because she remembered me from tech crew in Oklahoma (Sophomore year, before I discovered Jesuit theatre), she suggested that I join a tech crew for a show to get my foot in the door and get to know some of the members of the various theatre companies on campus. If I don’t make One Acts, I’ll definitely consider crewing. Oklahoma was crazy fun. And I helped out some on set construction for How to Succeed. I definitely wouldn’t mind crewing again, especially if it could get me noticed. W00t.


Alicey just got her plane tickets! December 27th to January 3rd! I GET TO SPEND AN ENTIRE WEEK WITH ALICEY! *delight* *glee* *joy of all joys*


Ah, talking with mum over Second Lunch, I’m reminded of why I quit Art History. Massive packets of reading, in which the point of arguments assembled over five pages is written in Italian. And other assorted hells.

Meanwhile, “Let it Be… Naked” gets ♥♥♥♥ 4 hearts out of 4. How was I not informed about this? I’ll probably review later in Sgt. Pepper. Wow, when Renata proposed the idea for a review blog, randomly named after a Beatles song, I never imagined I’d be reviewing a new Beatles album in it. *listens to “Fly on the Wall” and revels in their adoreable voices*

Oh, why oh why did I drop Art History? I just got my paper back, and I got an A-! In a course with a vast majority of grad student Art History majors! I OWNZ BOTTICELLI’S THE LEGEND OF MARY MAGDALENE!

I’m still glad I dropped the class. I would have gone nuts if I had stayed. But it’s good to know that I was doing better in the class than I had previously believed. *does a little dance*

Today in Computer Science, I was struck by the startling realization that my Java professor’s accent strongly reminds me of Firefly villain Adlai Niska. I kept imagining him saying “And if you forget the semicolon… your code, not so solid.”

Fortunately, he’s a really cool professor. He makes Hitchhiker’s Guide references in class and puts “Don’t Panic” in big, friendly letters on our midterms. So there’s no mistaking him for a sadistic, evil, glorified thug. Jolly good.