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Googlism entertains me.

On Halloween, lunch table discussion revolved around costuming for the Two Towers premiere. Chungy came as Gandalf and Mackenzie came as a hobbit for Halloween, so their costumes are already taken care of. Everyone apparently decided I should be Legolas, despite the fact that my hair is unquestionably brown. Perhaps Elizabeth should be Legolas and I should be Arwen or Eowyn or summat. But no, nevermind, we’re supposed to be members of the Fellowship. First person to suggest I should be Aragorn gets smacked.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say that Alicey is absolutely wonderful. HP Monthly continues to thrive only because of your awe-inspiring devotion, and even with all the worship you get from us, you don’t get half the admiration and kowtows you deserve. All hail Alicey!

Yay, back from photographing my friends dancing in the graveyard! Loff to Schlien, Bethyliz, my sister Melissa, and Dr. Chandler (Sleeny’s mom). I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll work — I’m developing them tomorrow.

I forgot to mention that my baby is at exactly 5000 miles, where she sits now in the driveway. And she reached 5000 miles at precisely 5:00, by my watch. Is that eerie or what?

Hurrah! Halloween! My costume went over quite well, in spite of the popular misconception that I was Xena. I received quite a few compliments, both on costume and decorations, which was quite good for my ego. I’ll post photos and such either later tonight or tomorow.

It was quite amusing when I wore my costume to Jesuit to drop off the files and such for the program cover for DotM. I’ve never encountered such a high per-capita wolfwhistle quotient in my life. I attribute it to the breastplate. And the calf strips. And the collar. Oh dear.

Let it be known that Monica is wonderful, for she is drawing Vimes fanart. Give her smooches.