::whines:: I played as Percy Weasley and it said I was Darien Fawkes. Silly website. Of course, questions about having fake breasts and collapsible wings made it all worthwhile.

EDIT: Of course, I realize that Percy is not a television sitcom character. Of course. Yes, I realized this all the time. Why would you have any reason to doubt me? ::jumps at small noises::

::blinks:: I just realized that I forgot Carrot’s shoelaces. Wow, I’m special. Har, I feel delightfully evil because I stole Paul Kidby’s shoes. ::goes off to cackle::

Squee! Sluggy embarks on a Harry Potter tribute! Yay, Pete! ::does a nifty dance::

In case you haven’t made the connection yet, I’m Happy Squeeing Sunshine Girl because today I can finally sing again! ::grooves:: Life is wonderful again.

… she didn’t kill me. She was acutally surprisingly understanding. It turns out that a lot of the negative stuff was old, and she wasn’t planning on using them again. Still, I feel awful. I hope the rest is salvageable…

Oh, dear god. I am dead. I am so dead it’s not even funny. I am dead as a doornail. I am deader that a doornail. When my mom comes home…. oh man, I’m dead.

Yesterday morning, I did a bunch of Cyanotypes for photography. We painted the paper Friday, and we were to cook them at home. Because I’m industrious and eager, I decided to wash my cyanotypes in my darkroom so that I wouldn’t have to keep them in the dark until last period. Because all cyanotypes I had done in the past had to be washed for an hour, I washed them for an hour, only to find that they had faded significantly. Grr. Anyway, I cleaned up the darkroom and made it all impeccable and perfect, then left to pursue greater things.

Just now, I went out to the darkroom to collect my dried Cyanotypes, only to find the floor flooded. Somehow, I had left the water just barely running, so that it spilled over the washing tray and onto just about everything we keep next to the enlarger. Dear lord. This includes a binderfull of my mom’s slides and negatives. And some cardboard envelopes of photographic paper. And a framed piece of my mom’s work.

I’ve tried to sweep out the water, and it’s not really working. Ugh.

… and my mom just called to say that she and my dad would be home in 30 minutes. Lord help me.

::gapes:: You know last night when we were making fun of three-hour CGs, Alicey? I was looking through my archives, and I saw that my Rowena collab was done in 4 1/2 hours. Ye gods. How is that possible? ::blinks:: Nelly.

Saw “The Chateau”, which was amusing. Yay for people who speak French badly! You will be happy to know that one of the previews was for Willem Dafoe’s “Auto Focus” (I think that’s what the name was…)

Spent the rest of the evening with Marcelina, Rachel, Bethyliz, Zimo, and Chungy. Chungy is the only one among us that does not have a LiveJournal. Silly girl. Anyway, Chungy left after the movie to do homework and such (Loser!), and the rest of us went to Kosta’s, as we weren’t able to go after seeing “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, and we were craving Greek food. I taught my friends of the wonders of saganaki, Avgolemeno soup, and chicken souvlaki. Yay. Then we went back to Marcelina’s, where we watched “Father Ted” on Tivo. Dougal needs to be added to our Husband of the Month club. He’s too cute! You just want to give him a hug… *squees*

So that’s my evening. I’ve finished Brenna’s birthday card, but WSFTP is being stupid and not letting me upload anything. ::kicks:: Hopefully I’ll be able to get it to you tomorrow morning. Yay.