Abraxam horses - Hagrid claims a friend breeds them when under interrogation by Umbridge

Accio - summoning charm

Abraxas Malfoy - See "Malfoy, Abraxas"

Aconite - plant used in Potions, also called "wolfsbane" or "monkshood."

Acromantula - gigantic spider

Adalbert Waffling - See Waffling, Adalbert.

Aesalon, Falco - Ancient Greek wizard, the first recorded example of an animagus. Transformed into a falcon.

Agrippa - featured on one of the wizard cards Ron doesn't have.

Aguamenti - spell to make water jet from the end of one's wand

Alastor Moody - See "Moody, Alastor"

Alberic Grunion - See "Grunion, Alberic"

Albus Dumbledore - See "Dumbledore, Albus"

Alchemy - Nicholas Flamel's forte.

Alecto (Carrows?) - Death Eater, possibly Amycus' sister. One of the Death Eaters that invaded Hogwarts in HBP.

Alohomora - charm used to unlock doors

Alphard Black - see "Black, Alphard"

Amarillo Lestoat - see "Lestoat, Amarillo"

Ambrosius Flume - See "Flume, Ambrosius"

Amorentia - powerful love potion

Amycus (Carrows?) - Death Eater, possibly Alecto's brother. One of the Death Eaters that invaded Hogwarts in HBP.

Anapneo - spell used by Slughorn to clear Belby's airway

Andrew Kirke - See "Kirke, Andrew"

Anglia - see "Ford Anglia"

Animagus - A wizard capable of transforming into another animal. Plural Animagi

Aparecium - spell used to make invisible ink visible

Apollyon Pringle - See "Pringle, Appolyon"

Apparate - magical ability to disappear and reappear at any location

Aragog - giant spider cared for by Hagrid.

Arithmancy - one of Hermione's favorite subjects

Argus Filch - See "Filch, Argus"

Arnold - Ginny's pygmy puff

Arsenius Jigger - See "Jigger, Arsenius"

Arthur Weasley - See "Weasley, Arthur"

Ashwinder - a snake born from an untended magical fire

Augurey - a rather pathetic-looking bird whose cry was thought to fortell death.

Auror - dark wizard catcher

Avada Kedavra - unblockable killing curse

Avis - Spell used by Mr. Ollivander to make birds fly out of Krum's wand.

Azkaban - Dementor-guarded wizard prison

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