Galatea Merrythought (Professor) - See "Merrythought, Professor Galatea"

Galleons - gold coin worth 17 sickles or 493 knuts. (Picture - thanks to HP Galleries)

Garotting Gas - apparently, a gas that strangles its victim

Gerta Curd - See "Curd, Gerta"

Ghoul - a ghost

Gilderoy Lockhart - See "Lockhart, Gilderoy"

Ginny (Ginevra) Molly Weasley - See "Weasley, Ginny (Ginevra) Molly"

Glumbumble - an insect that produces a melancholy-inducing treacle. It infests beehives.

Gnome - a garden pest

Golgomath - second Gurg of the giants

Goyle, Gregory - one of Draco Malfoy's goons

Granger, Hermione Jane - Bookish friend of Harry and Ron.

Gregory Goyle - See "Goyle, Gregory"

Greyback, Fenrir - sadistic Werewolf and servant of Lord Voldemort. Turned Lupin and maimed Bill Weasley.

Griffin - half lion, half eagle.

Grim - huge spectral dog that haunts churchyards. An omen of death.

Grimmauld Place - Sirius' home

Grindlewald - a dark wizard defeated by Dumbledore in 1945

Gringots - Wizard bank run by Goblins.

Grunion, Alberic - featured on a chocolate frog card

Gryffindor - one of the four Hogwarts houses; noted for bravery. Named for Godric Gryffindor.

Gubraithian Fire - unquenchable fire

Gudgeon, Davey - Student that nearly lost an eye from the whomping willow

Gurg - leader of the giants

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