Kappa - A creature Professor Lupin teaches his students about.

Karkaroff, Igor - Headmaster of Durmstrang; former death eater

Karkus - original Gurg of the giants

Kelpie - shape-changing water demon

Kirke, Andrew - Gryffindor Quidditch beater in the mid-90s

Knarl - a hedgehog-like creature that destroys gardens

Knightley, Montague - Wizarding Chess chamption

Knights of Walpurgis - Former name of the Death Eaters, according to the Jeremy Paxman interview on the BBC (June 19, 2003).

Knockturn Alley - Home to many Dark Arts shops.

Kreacher - the Black family's foul-tempered house elf

Krum, Viktor - Bulgarian seeker and Durmstrang triwizard champion. Close ::cough:: friend to Hermy-own-ninny...

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