Fairy - a tiny, winged creature of little intelligence.

Falco Aesalon - See "Aesalon, Falco"

Fawcett (Miss) - Hufflepuff mentioned in the Dueling club. Also mentioned in GoF as one of the students to unsuccessfully cross the age line, and necking with a Ravenclaw named Stebbins at the Yule Ball.

Fawkes - Dumbledore's loyal pet phoenix.

Felix Felicis - Luck potion

Fenrir Greyback - See "Greyback, Fenrir"

Ferula - a spell to make a splint (for a broken bone)

Fidelius charm - complicated spell consisting of hiding a secret inside a living soul.

Filch, Argus - Bad-tempered squib caretaker at Hogwarts.

Filibuster Fireworks - See "Dr. Filibuster's Fabulous No-Heat Wet-Start Fireworks"

Finite Incantatem - charm used by Snape to end the chaos at Dueling Club.

Fire Crab - a large, tortiselike creature that shoots flames from its rear end when attacked.

Firenze - centaur that rescued Harry in the Forbidden Forest. Later becomes Hogwarts' Divination professor to replace Trelawney.

Flagrate - spell Hermione uses to mark a used door with a fiery X

Flamel, Nicholas - alchemist and friend to Dumbledore.

Fletcher, Mundungus - member of the Order of the Phoenix. Tried to curse Arthur Weasley behind his back in CoS.

Fleur Delacour - See "Delacour, Fleur"

Flint, Marcus - Slytherin Quidditch captain

Flitwick (Professor) - Charms teacher

Flobberworm - incredibly boring creature

Floo Powder - used by wizards to travel by fire

Flume, Ambrosius - owner of Honeydukes

Ford Anglia - The Weasley's family car

Fudge, Cornelius - bumbling Minister of Magic

Furnunculus - curse that creates boils on the victim's body

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