Padfoot - Sirius Black's "marauder" nickname.

Padma Patil - See "Patil, Padma"

Paracelsus - depicted on a chocolate frog card. A bust of Paracelsus appears in a corridor en route to the owlery.

Parselmouth - someone that can talk to snakes

Patil, Padma - Identical twin sister of Parvati Patil. Ravenclaw. Ron's date at the Yule Ball.

Patil, Parvati - Gryffindor interested in Divination. Sister of Padma Patil.

Patronus - Defense against dementors.

Penelope Clearwater - See "Clearwater, Penelope"

Pensieve - used for storing excess thoughts

Percy Weasley - See "Weasley, Percy"

Peskipiski pesternomi - spell used by Lockhart to stop the cornish pixies (doesn't work).

Peter Pettigrew - See "Pettigrew, Peter"

Petrificus Totalus - Spell for the full-body bind.

Pettigrew, Peter - former friend of James, Sirius, and Remus. Rat animagus.

Petunia Evans Dursley - See "Dursley, Petunia Evans"

Phoenix - Dumbledore's loyal pet.

Phyllida Spore - See "Spore, Phyllida"

Philosopher's Stone - a substance which turns any metal into gold and produces the Elixir of Life, which will make the drinker immortal.

Pigwidgeon - Ron's tiny owl

Pixie - tiny, mischievous creatures

Plimpy - water-dwelling pest

Pomfrey, Poppy - Hogwarts matron (nurse)

Pomona Sprout (Professor) - See "Sprout, Pomona (Professor)"

Portus - spellword used to transform an object into a Portkey

Potter, Harry James - If you need a definition, I'm suprised you're here.

Potter, Lily Evans - Harry's mother

Prang, Ernie - Driver of The Knight Bus

Pringle, Apollyon - Hogwarts caretaker in Molly and Arthur Weasley's day

Priori Incantatem - used to reveal the most recent spells performed with a specific wand

Privet Drive - Home to the Dursleys

Professor Pomona Sprout - See "Sprout, Pomona (Professor)"

Protean Charm - Used by Hermione in OotP. Transfers alterations in the makeup of a source object to copies of the object.

Protego - see Shield Charm.

Ptolemy - featured on a wizard card

Puckle - JKR considered this as a surname for Hermione. "But it didn't suit her at all and was quickly changed for something a bit less frivolous." --JKR

Puffskein - a favourite pet for wizards.

Purge and Dowse - department store facade for St. Mungo's

Pyrites, Argio - author of Alchemy, Ancient Art and Science.

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