Langlock - Spell created by the Half-Blood Prince to glue one's tongue to the roof of his mouth

Lavender Brown - See "Brown, Lavender"

Legilimency - the method of reading around in another's mind. Blockable only through Occlumency.

Leprechaun - mischievous Irish creatures

Lestoat, Amarillo - reportedly contained in the Wizard Cards section of the PoA video game: (1776-1977) Flamboyant American Vampire. Author of "A Vampires Monologue"; intended to bore the reader into a stupor making him/her easier prey for vampires.

Lestrange, Bellatrix (Black) - Death Eater

Lestrange, Rabastan - Rudolphus Lestrange's brother

Lethifold - a cloaklike creature that envelops and eats humans

Levicorpus - spell used to suspend one's victim by the ankle

Liberacorpus - counteracts levicorpus spell

Lily Evans Potter - See "Potter, Lily Evans"

Lockhart, Gilderoy - author of self-glorifying autobiographies, which consist of him taking the credit for what others have done.

Locomotor Mortis - leg-locker curse

Longbottom, Neville - Gryffindor in Harry's year

Lovage - a plant Harry studies in Herbology

Lovegood, Luna - Ravenclaw in Ginny's year. Her father owns The Quibbler.

Lucius Malfoy - See "Malfoy, Lucius"

Ludovic "Ludo" Bagman - See "Bagman, Ludovic"

Lufkin, Artemisia - First witch to become Minister of Magic

Lumos - spell to send a beam of light from the end of a wand, like a torch (flashlight). The counterspell is "Nox".

Lupin, Remus John - werewolf. DAtDA teacher during Harry's third year and friend to James, Sirius, and Peter.

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