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Friday, September 05, 2008


Mutual of Omaha!

When you see this, post a random quicky Middleman exclamation in your lj/blog.

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Friday, August 29, 2008


India's poor urged to 'eat rats'

And an even more brain-injuring political move: A McCain advisor seeks to solve the health care crisis through semantics. I did a double-take, convinced I was reading an Onion analogue.

Illustrating and cartooning blog Drawn! posts some excellent Ronald Searle-related links! So much love for Ronald Searle! Anyone that hasn't read Molesworth is missing out on something extraordinary.

Aaron Sorkin writing movie about Facebook. My face looks like this: o_O?

Biden: "Think About It"

Chris Crocker's soulmate in an angry rant against the Twilight haters

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Monday, August 18, 2008

"Vlad the Impaler had two loves: feasting on the blood of his impaled victims and puppet shows."

I can't wait for tonight's Middleman. Preview here!

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pilot roundup time! It's leak season online, so on Thursday, I checked out the pilots for J.J. Abrams' Fringe and the TV adaptation of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books, True Blood.

Fringe was rather meh. I might tune in for the second episode, to see just how sad an X-Files ripoff it's going to be, but right now I'm on the "leave it" side of the "take it or leave it" conundrum. I really enjoyed the first part of the pilot, but when they started pulling in the big mytharc guns, it just felt silly. It was entertaining, certainly, but... While it's easy to suspend one's disbelief for crazy "fringe" science, it's a lot harder to swallow when the stupid little details closer to reality aren't believable. The whole show loses grounding. A dude's skin is reduced to the consistency of Jell-o, but he still keeps his eyebrows and a perfect head of hair? The devil is in the details, writers. The ending kind of sucked.

Still, there were some aspects of the show that were pretty cool. I liked the way they floated the location cues in the scene. That was just neat! And Denethor was awesome in his role as a brilliant but insane scientist. The astral plane sequence was delightfully trippy, and all the other visual effects were very well done. WOO, ZOIC!

But yeah. While I imagine it'll find an audience somewhere, that somewhere won't be my couch.

True Blood was a bit more difficult to quantify. The pilot is quite faithful to the events of the first half of the first book, so good job TV creative team! Unfortunately, that meant that all the things that bugged me about the book were there in force. Though I'm probably letting my book-irk and utter lack of patience for Bill color my perception of the show, as the show actually did a passable job showing why Sookie was attracted to him. (For the record: Sookie/Sam, woo!)

They did a great job with Sookie's psychic effect, though the vamp effect was utterly laughable. The guy at the convenience store looked like some dweeby vampire rabbit! Also, the sex was way more graphic and obnoxious than it needed to be. Stupid HBO.

I think it definitely shows promise, though. Anna Paquin's Southern accent has improved considerably since the first X-Men. And it'll be nice to have a vampire show on TV that isn't all brooding angst and private detectiving. There's a unique, quirky freshness to the novels that I think will do well on TV. I'm curious to see how it adapts.


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Friday, June 27, 2008

HAHA, YES! Managed to snag a ticket to Eddie Izzard at Radio City Music Hall tomorrow night! They've been sold out for ages, but I guess they released a few more. I win at life!

Also, mah Summer Shows are getting cloooooser!

Middleman: Mondays, 10/9c (ABC Family)
Burn Notice: Thursdays, July 10 @ 10/9c (USA)
Project Runway: Wednesdays, July 16 @ 9/8c (Bravo)
Psych: Fridays, July 18 @ 10/9c (USA)

Obligatory linkspam:

In the past couple weeks, I've become a follower of the Big Picture, a blog that describes itself as "News Stories in Photographs." Some are inspiring, some are moving, some are devastating, and all are in breathtaking high-res. Check it out!

Schedule of TV-related Panels at San Diego Comic Con.

I already adored xkcd, but... God bless you for giving me the phrase "Barack Me Obamadeus!" I laughed for like thirty seconds straight.

New trailer for the Repo Man rock opera.

An utterly brilliant entrant in Colbert's "Make McCain Exciting" challenge: Vogue.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I left work at 12:15 last night, but I impulsively stayed up late and watched the pilot of The Middleman, which was ridiculously fun. It has early cancellation written all over it, but I plan to enjoy the heck out of it as long as it lasts! It's a deliciously quirky, self-aware show about an art school graduate who is recruited by a secret agency to fight against evil forces. Her square-jawed employer is best summarized as Captain Carrot working for the Men in Black. In one scene, he beats up a mob boss between taking long drinks of milk.

I'm not quite sure what age group it's intended for, which is one of the reasons I'm so convinced it's doomed to be prematurely canceled. With its light tone and goofy comic book stylings (not to mention its slot on ABC Family), one might think it was intended for young teens, but some of the content surprised me. There are comments about the heroine, Wendy, being a "beard" for her film student boyfriend, a running joke about cursing (which is bleeped out with a little black rectangle over the person's mouth), and pop-culture references I wouldn't expect tweens to get, such as Wendy's cry of "Get your filthy paws off of me you damn dirty ape" when being dragged away as a hostage by a genetically engineered, super intelligent gorilla.

I don't know. Maybe it's intended specifically for me!

So check it out. This show is pure, unadulterated fun! If you don't believe me, check out this glowing review from the New York Times. If you have ABC Family, it's on Mondays at 8/7c. If you don't, it's on BitTorrent iTunes.

In other news: Wave 4 of the Doctor Who action figures includes a 6" Doctor with five Adipose, due to hit stores late July. If the Beeb can't cough up a plushie Adipose, this would make an absolutely delightful addition to my desk diorama!

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

The season finale of Psych will be called "Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead."


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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Project Runway. So... do the judges even remember their prom? You don't want you look cute and young and 17, you want to look mature and elegant. Sweet Pea should have won! The only dresses I would have worn to prom were hers or Chris'. Victorya's = Fug. Well, it's cute, but it's also cheap-looking and unflattering. While it may be a decent choice for a mixer or party, it is NOT appropriate for a prom!

Also, I feel so terribly wicked for thinking this, but even though I loathe Christian and want to slap him in the face whenever I see him, I kind of want him to stay on the show for the time being (though leave well before Bryant Park). Yes, his clothes are often rather interesting--albeit TRAGICALLY 80s--but he makes such a lovely TARGET for the natural drama of competition, and we need someone to mock now that Elisa is gone.

P.S. HAHAHAHA a girl looking for a designer for her prom dress chose Chris' portfolio over Victorya's? OHSNAP!

Some entertaining links for joo:

AMPTP vs. WGA: Jocks versus Nerds. There's an 80s movie to be made here, if only we had someone to write it!

Mad TV: Under Barack Obama

Bill Gates' last day at Microsoft -- Gates rocks for doing this.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

WOAH. You know that Levi's ad that has the guy struggling to pull up his jeans, then with his jeans comes the entire street, a taxi cab, and a hot girl in a telephone booth? I just saw a variation with the exact same footage, except it's a HOT GUY IN THE BOOTH. And they are cute and gay and Levi's is MADE OF WIN. I am so thrilled with them for doing this. ROCK ON.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Priscilla said at 10:17 AM


Wednesday, October 24, 2007


And EEE, ABC just picked up the back 9! A quirky show I love isn't getting canceled after like two episodes! Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

From SciFi Wire:
"McG has teamed with writer Ari Eisner for Invisible, a drama project, which landed at Fox with a script commitment, according to The Hollywood Reporter; the proposed series tells the story of a criminal who is given a second chance at life when a chemical compound makes him invisible."
Um... why don't you just un-cancel The Invisible Man? *wistful sigh*

What the heck is up with TV recently? The outright theft of previous TV concepts--RECENT concepts, at that--feels so much more blatant and rampant nowadays. They're like old show OC fanfiction.


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Friday, September 28, 2007

I've watched an unusual amount of TV while working on the wig this week, so I can actually talk about pilots! Originally, I'd been planning to watch only a select few, let my flist determine the winners of the shows I didn't watch, then play catch up with those that made the cut.

Journeyman didn't really grab me, mostly because I kept comparing it unfavorably to the extraordinary Life on Mars. It certainly has promise, but unless my flist convinces me otherwise, I won't be watching.

I haven't gotten around to watching the aired version of Bionic Woman, but it's waiting for me when I get home.

I watched the first five minutes of Moonlight and had to change the channel.

Returning shows:

Heroes returns with a bang, and if Hiro doesn't end up beoming Kinsei, I'll eat my Fangirl Card. I saw this coming from the first time we saw that painting of Kinsei in Linderman's collection and I noticed that he had the same facial hair as Future Hiro. And Will thought I was mad, HAH! Not sure what to call Mohinder's new friend. Has the fandom come up with a nickname yet? My top contenders are "Mister Midas" and "The Alchemist."

House was absolutely hilarious. THIS is why I love this show!

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Friday, September 21, 2007

*dies laughing* Best promotional image EVER. Art history majors rejoice!

Here are the rest.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

...WTF, they're cutting the deaf sister from Bionic Woman and replacing her with "a hot, hearing, hacker chick"? THE HELL. That was one of my favourite parts of the pilot! As one of my best online friends is deaf, I wanted to see how they treated it in a mainstream TV show. Then they could use the bionically-enhanced stuff to comment on modern viewpoints on disability and maybe raise awareness, and ARGH. Why does TV need yet another dime-a-dozen, perky, hot hacker chick when they could have actually done something with significance?

I'll tune in to the first couple eps when they air, as the pilot looked quite promising, but this kind of decision leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Ah well, not like I needed yet another TV show to watch this fall. I watch enough TV already.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Want to check out the hilarious Flight of the Conchords, but can't be bothered to download the episodes online? Good news! They're all streaming at

Give in to the kiwi goodness!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

And Veronica Mars is a thing of the past. A beautiful, brilliant, snarky, clever, prematurely canceled thing of the past. And I want to kill both the CW for ending in in favor of utter dreck and Rob Thomas for ending it that way.

The CW is made of fail. Their new schedule makes baby Jesus, baby Moses, baby Mohammed, baby Buddha, baby Shiva, and baby Relic of a Primitive and Out-Moded Belief System on a Crutch cry.

So. Last year, I watched:
Heroes -- renewed (was there ever any question?) and getting a 6-episode miniseries spinoff thing
Studio 60 -- canceled
House -- renewed
Veronica Mars -- canceled
Psych -- renewed, returns July 13th
The Dresden Files -- no word yet; we have until mid-June to find out
Battlestar Galactica -- not back until 2008
Drive -- axed within like 10 days of its premiere; bite me, Fox.

9PM: Heroes (NBC)

9PM: House (FOX)
9PM: Will watch the pilot of Reaper (CW) because its Kevin Smith

8PM: Pushing Daisies (ABC), because Bryan Fuller is a genius (Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, Heroes)
9PM: Bionic Woman? (NBC) Could go either way. Will watch the pilot.

10PM: Psych (USA)

Plus if my friend gets on Beauty and the Geek, Ill have to watch that. :D

Then with 2008 will come Battlestar Galactica, plus The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which sounds iffy, but I'll watch the pilot for Summer Glau.

Overall, I'm most excited about Pushing Daisies. It's not on Fox, which is always a good sign! Here's the blurb:
Pushing Daisies is a love story about a pie-baking young man with a very special gift... the ability to return dead people briefly back to life with just a simple touch -- enabling him to help a P.I. crack murder cases by asking victims to name their killers. Director Barry Sonnenfeld, writer-producer Bryan Fuller, and the producers of Fish blend romance, crime procedural and high-concept fantasy to create a fairytale in the spirit of Amelie, Stranger than Fiction, and Chocolat.
Yes, please!

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Answers to the TV meme quiz thing:
  1. Wonderfalls (Niagara Falls/Inanimate Object/Supernatural)
  2. Heroes (New York City/Interracial Couple/Cheerleader)
  3. Veronica Mars (Girl Power/Neo Noir/Father Daughter Relationship)
  4. Firefly (Steampunk/Anti-Hero/Mandarin)
  5. Battlestar Galactica (Human Android Relationship/Polytheism/Military Life)
  6. The Dresden Files (Wizard/Magic/Private Investigator)
  7. Buffy (Action Heroine/Leather Coat/Based on Film)
  8. House (Sarcasm/Medical Drama/Cane)
  9. Psych (Photographic Memory/Father Son Relationship/Murder)
  10. Doctor Who (Man With No Name/Dark Past/Time Machine)

Rentata: 6
Will: 8
Chungy: 8
Kristin: 9
Ko: 10
Lurker Jo: 10

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

A few weeks ago, there was a meme going around in which you took your ten favourite TV shows and had people guess which ones they were based on three of their "plot keywords" on IMDB. Here's my list. How many can you figure out?
  1. Niagara Falls/Inanimate Object/Supernatural (IMDB fails for only listing three plot keywords for this show)
  2. New York City/Interracial Couple/Cheerleader
  3. Girl Power/Neo Noir/Father Daughter Relationship
  4. Steampunk/Anti-Hero/Mandarin
  5. Human Android Relationship/Polytheism/Military Life
  6. Wizard/Magic/Private Investigator (ditto #1)
  7. Action Heroine/Leather Coat/Based on Film
  8. Sarcasm/Medical Drama/Cane
  9. Photographic Memory/Father Son Relationship/Murder
  10. Man With No Name/Dark Past/Time Machine
Comment with your guesses! I'll post the answers in a couple days.

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The next episode of the official Jim Butcher podcast, The Butcher Block, is out, this time with a new format! I'm now the official News Correspondent, and my bit starts at about 3:45. Huzzah!
(31min 45sec) Fred plugs in for a quick episode in a new format. He checks in with Butcher Block News Correspondant Priscellie for an update on everything that's happened since the last episode, and goes over to the grill with Chad Underkoffler to cook up some "butcher burgers", looking into discrepancies in the continuity of the novels.
Of course, since Fred and I recorded my bit last Friday, we got news about the DVD release of Season 1, a release date for Small Favor, and according to Fred, Jim finished his story for "Supernatural Honeymoon" (but of course, none of the details of said story are public knowledge yet, phooey).

On a sadder note, however, Veronica Mars has been canceled, with little hope absolutely no hope for resurrection. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Rules of Engagement. Oh, wow. YES, Dresden TV, YES. It's like all the naysayers in the fandom cried out, and were suddenly silenced. Silenced by AWESOME. Delightfully pervy Bob, actual magic, the frying of technology... et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Book!Harry would have come up with something more clever than "Mr. Crispy," but I appreciate the effort. :D


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Friday, February 16, 2007

More from the Half-Hour News Hour. I think I had a dream like this and woke up in a cold sweat. So... how is this political satire? Or even a parody of the news? I'm reminded of the "President Al Gore" SNL sketch, except that was actually funny and delightfully self-deprecating.

I can't see how the Rush Limbaugh/Ann Coulter sketch would be funny at all, except as a horrific morality tale or self-deprecatingly like Al Gore, though I can't imagine a twit like Limbaugh or a lunatic like Coulter being self-deprecating.

Ease the pain by checking out the Official Site for Oshawa's Stephen Colbert Day.

In other TV news, House was picked up for a fourth season, and BSG was picked up for 13 episodes of a fourth season, with the possibility of extending it full-length. Sweeeeet.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Renata: N. This is what we call a "ghost post." I am blogging from beyond the grave!

So. *cackles* So much love for all the ridiculous similarities between The Dresden Files and Psych. As I pointed out before, both series already have a smartass private detective with apparent supernatural abilities, brought in as a police consultant by a blonde cop named Karen. But in tonight's episode? Juliette wears a necklace remarkably similar to TV Murphy's. I am so easily entertained.

There was a brief island of squee earlier this week when I bid on an Advance Reader's Copy of the next Dresden book, White Night. I knew going in that there was no way I was going to get it, because in the past they've always sold for over a hundred bucks (which I wouldn't pay even if the book was printed on solid gold. Well, okay, maybe then). Still, there was a lovely nine hours last Sunday when I could pretend it was mine. 7 weeks to go! (Edit: the auction just ended, and it went for $192.50. Some people have too much money.)

I got out of the dorm more this week, despite the bitter cold. During the month of February, Penn has a series of events for the seniors almost every night, collectively called "Feb Club." Tuesday night, a group of friends and I went to the trendy, pan-Asian restaurant Pod for drinks. We each had one, over the course of an hour, and I was amused that I wasn't even tipsy, unlike some of my friends. I've never had enough alcohol at one time to actually get drunk, and I was curious to see if I'd inherited my mom's lightweightedness, but I guess not! I'll still be very careful until I figure out exactly how my body reacts to alcohol, though, because I am not an idiot.

Thursday, I went to Ko's play, which was utterly hilarious. It was put on by the English department, and it was a series of three scenes from different plays, on the theme of unrequited love. Ko played a housewife having an affair, and she gave what was easily the funniest performance in the show (well, with the exception of Professor Rachetti, who played a Puck character through all three, and was brilliant). Ko wins!

Last night, I saw The Vagina Monologues (also known as The Hoohah Monologues among conservative idiots), which was excellent. Sterling performances all around: some hilarious, some insightful, some devastating.

So apologies for not posting in forever. Here, have some funny stuff!

Kat: [as Maggie, her gay RPG character] I would totally turn straight for John Barrowman.
Me: I would turn gay so I could turn straight for John Barrowman.
Kat: John Barrowman is definitely worth changing sexual orientations more than once for.

Also, Will linked me to this great article on The Onion. I would totally vote for him.

Not funny, but fangeekish: Drive promo, focusing on Nathan Fillion!

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Yes. That's the episode Dresden should have started with. Much better than the other! It's far from "great," but at least it wasn't actively bad. Good snark, good perviness from Bob, and significantly less deus ex machina-esque (yet still annoyingly contrived) weapon for Harry. We actually saw Harry doing some magic, which was nice, and the most galling break from canon was the notion of Harry actually eating vegetables on purpose. The writers still have quite a ways to go (Lesson One: The audience is not stupid. A toddler could solve these mysteries), but for now, I approve.

Plus: holy shamoley, Batman! They were laying on the Harry/Murphy shippage like icing on an expensive cake! On a scale of one to "Something Borrowed," it was at least an 8.7, and that was from the Russian judge. No wonder Valerie was comparing their dynamic to "Moonlighting." Now let's back off a bit, yes? While I love me some Harry/Murphy shippiness, I don't love two-by-fours to the cranium etched with "THIS IS WHO YOU SHOULD BE SHIPPING, KTHXBAI."

No episode next week because of the Superbowl, but the week after: BUTTERS! Complete with "I *heart* Polka" shirt under his labcoat! Gotta love those tiny details where the creative team reassures the audience that yes, they've read the books, and yes, they adore Butters as much as we do.

P.S. Did people see MiniMurphy's crayon drawings hanging in Murphy's desk? That was adorableness squared. And the batty evidence cop was hilarious! I hope we hear from her again later this the season.

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Priscilla said at 10:20 PM


Okay, Dresden premiere. I ended up watching it twice, the first as it aired then again the following afternoon. The first time, I thought it was awful awful awful, with the only redeeming aspect being Valerie Cruz's surprisingly spot-on Murphy. But between viewings, I talked with fellow fans and we worked out what changes bothered us and helped each other get over them. When I saw it the second time, I felt less frustrated and much more confident about the direction the series was taking the characters, though I still felt the writing itself was weak. Also, the magic. It is not Dresdenverse magic. This is ranted about discussed definitely ranted about later in the post.

  • Murphy. SQUEE. Going into the show, Murphy was the character I was most wary of. They'd had to change her name for legal reasons (apparently there actually is a Karyn Murphy at the Chicago PD, so "Karrin" became "Connie"), and then there was the whole casting switchup, where the actresses they found to play Murphy and Susan ended up being better-suited for the other's role, then the bomb Valerie dropped a week before the premiere, mentioning that TV-Murphy had a daughter, whereas book-Murphy divorced her second husband largely because she didn't want kids. But then the actress was awesome, so Priscilla is happy. In spite of all the changes, she came across as most like her book counterpart! I loved her annoyed banter with Harry, and I love that she called him out when he wasn't behaving. I look forward to her slamming Harry into the hood of a car for hanging up on her, because he kind of deserves it. :D

  • The Ravens sitting around and watching the kid eat an ice cream sundae, with the dramatic music preceding the offering of the whipped cream. Pure book-style humor. Loved it. My friends and I have named the lead Raven "Quoth," with the option title of "Lord Quoth of the Cream that is Whippd."

  • Terrance Mann. I had many issues with Bob, but they're all script-related. Terrance Mann himself is great, and I certainly would not mind Bob belting 16th Century showtunes, thought I'd rather hear him sing "Where's the Girl?" from The Scarlet Pimpernel, because it makes me think bad thoughts. On second thought, though, I should just stick to my CD. Thinking bad thoughts about Bob is icky.

  • The Story. First off, this episode was clearly never written to be a first episode, and I'm wondering what on Earth possessed the higher-ups that they needed to ditch the two-hour pilot. Okay, so they replaced a bunch of the actors in the interim (Bob, Justin, and Ancient Mai--which it turns out is pronounced like the month and not like the possessive pronoun, but I digress), so they had a lot of reshooting, but bah. They should have started filming earlier!

    Anyway, back to this episode. The flashback structure of the episode was totally wrong for a premiere. They would have done better in, say, the third episode of the series. And what do you know, the episode number is 1x03? Also, regarding Bob, I wish his character could have been better-established before we learned of his DUBIOUS MORALITY and DARK PAST. This was like "Dead Beat" Bob. Except how his personality bears no resemblance to book-Bob, whom I miss terribly.

  • Harry. Paul Blackthorne acted the part quite well and there were only a couple tiny moments where his accent twigged me, but I didn't like the way he was written. Not nearly enough snark, and a bit too much jerk and preoccupation with money. Sure, he has plenty of curmudgeon-y moments in the book series, but we get the full range of his personality over the course of the book, whereas we only got one sliver in this episode. Feh.

    Also, wee!Harry's threat to the thing that killed his mother scared the heck out of me. I guess in the TV-verse, Maggie didn't die in childbirth, even though that's what SciFi has been saying in the press pack series synopsis. Or rather, I guess that in this world, Harry and Colm know early on that it wasn't the act of childbirth that killed her, rather than Harry finding out in the fifth book of the series. Boooo, unnecessary canon changes!

  • I'm lukewarm about Malcolm Dresden, or "Colm" Dresden as he's called here. It completely turns book canon on its ear for him to know about magic, which I wouldn't mind normally, but to have him warn Harry to always stay below the magical radar and not let others find out about his powers seems reeeeeaaally hypocritical for Harry when he grows up and advertises his wizarding abilities in the phone book. Poor decision, writing team.

  • Uh, is this Harry even capable of defending himself? I would have liked to see Harry *start* to do something to protect himself before he gets his rear end kicked by the skinwalker.

  • The Skinwalker. Yawn. Actually, not yawn. ZZZZZZZZ is more like it. They kept talking about how scary she was, and I can see how she would be, but I just didn't feel it. And Harry's wards were a joke.

  • Melissa. Awkwardly written, and ultimately I couldn't care less about her death. Bob's suggestion to consult her reminded me of Serenity's equally poorly-transitioned "We should talk to Mr. Universe!" I miss the Archive.

  • Bob's Deus Ex Gamecube of Doom. Not endearing the writing team to me by any stretch of the imagination. Apparently "doom box" was supposed to be a pun on "boom box," but THEY DIDN'T HAVE BOOM BOXES IN THE 16TH CENTURY WHEN BOB WOULD HAVE WRITTEN HIS FIRST GRIMOIRE. Also, in today's society, you're just not allowed to use the word "doom" any more in a non-ironic way. Robert [Wolfe, one of the producers] has said on the boards that the episode ran long and they had to trim bits that would have made it less plot-devicey and appalling, but meh. It doesn't change the fact that it was lamer than a duck with no legs.

  • The Magic. It's just is not Dresdenverse magic. One of the things I love most about the magic of the book series is that it makes sense. It's all about physical and mental connections and associations. There's also a fair share of blasting monsters with fire or wind, but there's no hocus-pocus, wandwaving, "aha, I have transfigured this badger into a teacup and levitated this pouch of Snausages" kind of magic. It's more a matter of manipulating forces and focusing energies. If Harry makes something move, it's more along the lines of Storm rather than Jean Grey. He doesn't defy gravity, he manipulates the air currents into moving the object. I could go into Dresdenverse spellcasting the differences between evocation and thaumaturgy, but this post is already long enough.

    Also, there's no "If I combine three eyes of newt with burba weed picked three days before the full moon by virgins and stir counterclockwise, I will make a fabulous tonic similar in effect to Nair." Whereas in the Dresdenverse, "Potions are all made pretty much the same way. First you need a base to form the essential liquid content; then something to engage each of the senses, and then something for the mind and something else for the spirit. Eight ingredients, all in all, and they're different for each and every potion, and for each person who makes them." It's all very deliberate and logical. When I read Harry Potter, I ask myself who on Earth could have come up with these potions and spells? One slightly wrong move and you nearly kill Neville's toad. When I read the Dresden Files, I think "of course. That's how magic works." In short, book!kid!Harry could not levitate a metal ring from across the room.

  • So the TV magic loses everything that distinguished the magic of the books. Well, it's about to go further. I read a post from Robert on the boards today that "It was decided not to use "magic words" since it felt too reminiscent of Harry Potter. There will definitely still be spells, including flying staffs and fire blasts and such. Just not with the words."

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH. It's not like Potter is the first wizard to use spellwords. It's times like these that make me almost wish the PTB *had* changed Harry's name to Eric for the TV show, so people would be less inclined to make comparisons between the two series. (Re: Erik, Harry Dresden was named by his stage-magician father for Harry Houdini, but in the wake of Pottermania, the PTB considered changing his name to Eric to discourage comparisons, as Houdini was born Erich Weiss) Maybe if they kept the distinctiveness of Dresden's magic and didn't turn it into the common Potter-style magic swill, people wouldn't be inclined to make that connection! And no matter how clever the etymology, no Potter spell could compare with Harry's spell for lighting candles: "Flickum bicus." Of course, it took me several months to get the joke, but that just made it funnier.

And this post totally devolved into Reasons Why The Dresden Files Book Series Is Awesome (and why I'm becoming increasingly disenchanted with Harry Potter), but I don't care.

I use this icon in righteous indignation. For those with weak vision and/or high-resolution displays, it reads "Unleash Nerd Fury." Oh, the Colbert Report! You wouldn't wreak havoc with one of my favourite book series and turn it into badly written, near-unrecognizable sludge! And I think I need to talk with my friends again about not getting worked up over the changes they made from the books to the show...

And the sad thing is? At least for the time being, I'm going to keep watching.

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Priscilla said at 12:39 AM


Saturday, January 27, 2007

I never got around to posting my thoughts on last Monday's Heroes Season-Returnything, so I do so now! First off: Yay, it's Doctor Scruffy! Then Hiro and the museum? SO MUCH LOVE. Did anyone notice that Hiro's hero had a striking resemblance to future!Hiro? Well, in the sense that they had the same facial hair, at least. :D Also, Hiro and Nathan were hilarious together. Basically, as always, every scene with Hiro was wonderful!

I look forward to seeing Masi on this week's Studio 60. I'm sure it'll just be a brief cameo, but any Masi is good Masi! I just have to figure out what's going wrong with my DVR, and why it's recording the wrong channels some times and not others. It started recording the wrong channel for Veronica Mars as well, though it faithfully records The Daily Show and The Colbert Report every day. Go figure. I'll poke the guys at Radio Shack about it tomorrow.

And now, to the tune of "The Candyman Can"...

Who's convinced that Isaac's
Visions all are true?
Buys up all his paintings for a pretty penny, too.
The Linderman!
The Linderman can!
The Linderman can 'cause his pockets are so deep
He now owns half the cast...

Who extorts Petrelli,
D.L. and Nikki, too?
Double-crosses left and right, next he'll come after you!
The Linderman!
The Linderman can!
The Linderman can 'cause his pockets are so deep
He now owns half the cast...

The Linderman schemes
Nasty evil dreams,
No hero will be neglected.
Talk about well-connected!
(Until he gets vivisected?)

Who's got the katana
When Hiro fights with Sue?
Makes the poor boy take it back and makes him feel so blue.
The Linderman!
The Linderman can, the Linderman can...
The Linderman can 'cause his pockets are so deep
He now owns half the cast...
He now owns half the cast,
But watch out for that blast!

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Priscilla said at 9:40 PM


Monday, January 22, 2007

ARGH. I set my DVR correctly, but for some unfathomable reason, it recorded SciFi instead of NBC, so I missed Heroes and the first ten minutes or so of Studio 60 while at class. Grrr, Pris smash!

Come on, NBC website, let's get that episode up! Grr, I bet they're not going to post it until it's aired on the West coast. Oh, NBC, why can't you be more like Comedy Central, which has nothing better to do than air like 4 reruns of Daily Show and Colbert Report each weekday? Why is the next rerun of Heroes on FRIDAY?

Stupid DVR. Why do you fail me now, when you have never failed me before? That I can remember, at least.

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Priscilla said at 11:26 PM


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