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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

...WTF, they're cutting the deaf sister from Bionic Woman and replacing her with "a hot, hearing, hacker chick"? THE HELL. That was one of my favourite parts of the pilot! As one of my best online friends is deaf, I wanted to see how they treated it in a mainstream TV show. Then they could use the bionically-enhanced stuff to comment on modern viewpoints on disability and maybe raise awareness, and ARGH. Why does TV need yet another dime-a-dozen, perky, hot hacker chick when they could have actually done something with significance?

I'll tune in to the first couple eps when they air, as the pilot looked quite promising, but this kind of decision leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Ah well, not like I needed yet another TV show to watch this fall. I watch enough TV already.

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Priscilla said at 10:36 AM

Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye was a mainstream police drama that had a deaf protagonist. She had a sweet dog.
Awww. *loff*
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