Hanged Man, The - pub in Little Hangleton

Hag - often seen in Hogsmeade.

Hagrid, Rubeus - Half-giant gamekeeper and Care of Magical Creatures teacher at Hogwarts.

Hand of Glory - admired by Draco Malfoy in a dark arts shop on Knockturn Alley

Harry James Potter - See "Potter, Harry James"

Hedwig - Harry's pet owl

Heliopaths - according to Luna, great, tall, flaming spirits of fire. According to Hermione, they don't exist.

Hengist of Woodcroft - featured on a chocolate frog wizard card

Hermes - Percy's owl

Hermione Jane Granger - See "Granger, Hermione Jane"

Herpo the Foul - Ancient Greek, first known creator of a basilisk.

Hestia Jones - See "Jones, Hestia"

Hibredian Black - a breed of wild dragon found in Britain.

Hippocampus - Half-horse, half-fish.

Hippocrates Smethwyck - see Smethwyck, Hippocrates.

Hippogriff - One of Hagrid's "pets", used in Care of Magical Creatures.

Hogwarts - British wizarding school

Holly - wood used in Harry's wand (compare with Yew, the wood in Voldemort's wand)

Homorphus Charm - either forces a werewolf not to change or changes a werewolf back to human. Supposedly used by Gilderoy Lockhart on the Wagga Wagga Werewolf.

Hooch, Rolanda/Xiomara (Madam) - Flying teacher at Hogwarts

House Elf - magical creatures used as servants for wealthy wizard families. They can only be freed if their master gives the elf clothing.

Howler - a letter that shouts its message and explodes if unopened. Used as punishment.

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