Igor Karkaroff - See "Karkaroff, Igor"

Imp - pixie-like creature

Imago, Inigo - author of The Dream Oracle

Impedimenta - used for obstructing persuers

Imperius curse - gives a wizard complete control over his/her victim

Impervius - spell used by Hermione to repel water from Harry's glasses in PoA

Imperturbable Charm - makes a room undisturbable

Inanimus Conjurus - a project assigned by Professor McGonagall

Incarcerous - spell used by Umbridge to bind the centaur Magorian

Incendio - spell to start a fire

Inferi - reanimated corpses. Singular inferius.

Ingolfr the Iambic - Norwegian poet of the 1400s whose verse include references to Quidditch

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