Emeric Switch - See "Switch, Emeric"

Enervate - "reawakens" someone who has been stunned

Engorgement Charm - a spell which causes things to grow larger. (Opposite "Deflation Draft")

Episkey - spell used by Tonks to mend Harry's broken nose

Erkling - German child-luring elf creature

Erised, Mirror of - See "Mirror of Erised"

Ernie Prang - See "Prang, Ernie"

Erumpent - enormous rhinoceros-like creature with a single large horn that injects explosive liquid.

Evan Rosier - See "Rosier, Evan"

Evanesco - charm used by Bill to make a bunch of scrolls disappear

Expecto Patronum - Defense against dementors.

Expelliarmus - Disarming charm

Expellimellius - Cho's variant of "Expelliarmus" that makes her friend's sleeve catch fire

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