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Monday, September 30, 2002

Yay! Mrs. Felice wants me to design the program for "Dark of the Moon"! I already have ideas... cyanotype + digital stuff = yowza.

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Sunday, September 29, 2002

Found the *perfect* collar. Go me.

Did you know that you get weird looks if you -- a clean-cut, non-goth-looking teenage girl -- go into a PetCo and start trying on leather dog collars? Funny, that.

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Nightwatch is coming out November 7th. Where in the world did I get November 16th? 39 days... Squee! ::giddy smile::

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Saturday, September 28, 2002

I went shopping for a dress for Homecoming today. Conclusion: I am dead sexy. I hope it's not a matter of "well, it looked good in the store". I love my new outfit! Hurrah! Anyway, while shopping around, I mentioned to my mom some of the things I would need for my Angua costume (as Halloween is only a month away), and we scouted out shirts and shoes and skirts and such. I found the perfect shirt and the most wonderful pair of sandals -- I'm wearing them now.

So life is wonderful. This morning, I was fairly miserable, as I had slept badly and I was getting sicker. I had to wake up early for photography class, which was evil and boring, because we were taking pictures of the other students in a "studio" environment. I hate staged pictures, which is ironic because I live for theatre. I ended up spending the three hours alternately standing around, then occasionally taking pictures of plants outside and Carolyn's cat. Bah. Then, at lunch, I went to the Macaroni Grill, which I haven't been to in months, only to find that they redid the menu and mutilated my favourite dish. My mom told me to smile, because I was in a fairly deep slump by this point, but all was futile. Then, suddenly, while waiting in the bathroom, I decided that I would smile. And the instant I started smiling, I started feeling better. Then the realization that smiling was making me feel better made me feel even better than that. The day went up from there.

Moral of the Story: Be happy, and you'll be happy.

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Friday, September 27, 2002

Friday Five!

1. What are your favorite ways to relax and unwind?

Listen to music, CG, and chat with Alicey, Mon, and co. on Y!M.

2. What do you do the moment you get home from work/school/errands?

Go online, duh. I read my friends' weblogs, my email, and my webcomics, then t00b off on other silly matters.

3. What are your favorite aromatherapeutic smells?

I've never really been fond of aromatherapy. Pure air always works best for me. Perfumey stuff makes me gag.

4. Do you feel more relaxed with a group of friends or hanging out by yourself?

I feel more relaxed by myself, but I love the group dynamic, especially when out dining with my friends. Fun stuff!

5. What is something that you feel is relaxing but most people don't?

Acting out scenes from shows/books/etc with myself. Yes, I am a loser.

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Stolen from Britt:

1. What does your first name mean?

Priscilla means "heiress", or "spinster". Thank you, mom and dad.

2. Your middle name, do you have one?


3. What does your middle name mean?

"My parents wanted a boy".

Actually, I should be glad. They considered "Morris", which would have given me permanent PMS. Now I'm just PNS, which is not very fun once you insert the proper vowels.

4. What about that last name?

Spencer, which I think derives from the French "dispenser", meaning "to sell". says "English, designated a person who dispensed the provisions generally." Go me.

5. So, if you were to put the meanings of all your names together, what would it say?

Spinster who should have been a boy that dispenses general provisions. Go me.

6. If you'd been born the opposite sex, what would your parents have named you?

Morris, after my grandfather, or Nelson, after my dad.

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Hurrah! This makes me happy. And it only took them 3 weeks!

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I'm Neil Gaiman! Okay, actually I'm Scott McCloud, but Neil Gaiman came in second. Umm... go look at the new Whisky layout!

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Go me! I'm Conjuror Woman in "Dark of the Moon"! ::grooves::

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Thursday, September 26, 2002

Gratuitous OC Session Screencappage. That pretty much says it all.

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Yay, had fun today! During lunch, we had our first of several "Daisy Days", in which the entire grade gets together and takes a break from our monotonous day-to-day schedules. They gave us baseball caps with 03 on them, and we lined up for yummy Chick Fil A chicken strips. Then we bugged the DJ into playing "Time Warp" for us, as he didn't have "Bohemian Rhapsody". Marcelina, Chungy, a girl who I have forgotten, and I did the accompanying dance, and CameraBoy filmed us. Then we stopped and ate more chicken and rolls and such.

A few songs later, he started karaoke, so I coerced Chungy into doing "The Saga Begins" with me. Unfortunately, Don McLean's version is two verses longer than Weird Al's, so we had some interesting issues near the end. Chungy abandoned me, leaving me with Rachel B (suddenly an insanely obsessive Star Wars fan), Helen, and some other sci-fi nerd types. Hurrah! Afterwards, Rachel and I sang other Star Wars parodies to ourselves as we watched others making fools of themselves. Yay. Lola became Yoda. Copacabana became Star Wars Cantina. YMCA became YODA. The Star Wars Gangsta Rap remained the Star Wars Gangsta Rap.

Then we had to go back to class.

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::laughs so hard she cries::

Thanks for the link, John.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2002


I just got invited to Homecoming.

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Mon, has your Package of Doom arrived yet? I mailed it September 7th...

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Presenting Reason #5713 why I love Jia.

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My Pirate Name: Dread Pirate Flint

Like the famous Dread Pirate Roberts, you have a keen head for how to make a profit. Like the rock flint, you're hard and sharp. But, also like flint, you're easily chipped, and sparky. Arr!

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Go revel, ye Cupids! The day is your own!

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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Heeeey, I finally realized where I got my weird Southern Accent that I used for auditions today! In 7th grade, I played Mrs. Gibbs in a condensed version of Our Town for a theatre class. Yay, now I can sleep easy. I've been pondering that all afternoon.

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My new friend Lauren at "Dark of the Moon" auditions told me that I sounded like Southern Belle, but low and evil. That conjures the most entertaining mental images I've had since... I dunno, a few posts ago. Also, Aschley in my AP Studio Art class says that I sound like a lounge singer when I sing along with the Beatles. This, too, is worrisome.

Anyway, DotM auditions. I read for the Dark Witch, which would be a fairly cool role but for the fact that I'm concurrently playing the Sorceress in Dido and Aeneas. Yay for evil witches that destroy life and love for their own amusement. I sang "Whatever Happened to Honor", which impressed a few people when I mentioned that it was from a musical I was writing. I wish I'd been able to warm up beforehand, though. My high notes weren't as clear as they could have been. Grr. At least it was better prepared than most of the boys! 75% of male auditionees sang "Happy Birthday, Mr. President", one with accompanying striptease. "How much do we have to pay him to keep his clothes on?", I quoted.

Saw Casey Potter, Casey Pedersen, Lauren Donsky, Daniel, Ricky (the Percy clone, who sadly no longer has glasses), Nathan, Joe, and various other familiar faces. Hurrah. Callbacks Thursday.

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Monday, September 23, 2002

Like many before me, I have idly pondered where on earth Terry Pratchett got the name "Angua". I find today that it is the Papiamento word for "needle". That's it, I give up.

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Advisory Dinner. Too fun by half! My fellow homeroom people (Chungy, Cherise, Christine, Margaret, Ashley, Mack, and Loh -- Rachel was sick) all met in Loh's room, then carpooled off in Loh's van to the Dream Cafe. Or at least, where we thought the Dream Cafe was. Christine told us Belt Line and Central, instead of Belt Line and the Tollway, which are about 20 minutes apart. We ended up in Little China. Eventually, Christine called information and got the number for the restaurant and set us right on track. Of course, when we found the general vicinity of the restaurant, we saw that it was nestled impregnably in an enormous shopping center, and we were powerless to find it. Christine called them again for directions, then again when we had no luck. We were laughing hysterically as we finally entered the doors. A splendid time was had by all. We discussed Halloween, including possibilities for Spongebob Squarepants and various ways of dyeing Cherise's skin blue for her Rama costume. Also how none of the rest of us had the foggiest idea of what we should be. Of course, the entire time, I was thinking that because it fell through last year, I should make another attempt at Angua, but I kept this to myself. Until, of course, Mackenzie pipes up: "Priscilla! Know who you could be? Carrot's girlfriend, whatsername!".

I love Mackenzie.

I'll bounce ideas off Mimi in carpool tomorrow; she's currently ploughing through T5E. Did I mention Mimi was carpooling with me again? Her mom is actually willing to pay me $5 a ride, even though it's just a couple blocks out of the way. I'm rich! The only downside to the situation is that I can't sing in the car anymore, but it's worth it. Mimi and I rarely see each other, so it's good to have quality time. Hurrah. Plus, an oh-so-fertile mind to warp. Jolly good.

On another tangent (I can see how they connect, but that's just me), auditions for "Dark of the Moon" are tomorrow. I think I'm going to try for Barbara Allen, the love interest, as well as one of the few females who sings. I'm trying out with "Whatever Happened to Honor", simply because I can. "Dark of the Moon" is a musical play, not a full-blown musical, and we only need a simple song, sung a cappella, to audition. Of course, I remind myself that due to the setting, all accents will be blessed with a country twang, and I had a moment of abject horror as I envisioned "Whatever Happened to Honor" sung by a hick farmer.

Wish me luck.

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Thanks to the link from The Leaky Cauldron, Espresso Ferrets has gone from 140 hits per day to 1,713 and 2,442 hits last weekend. This is a source of endless entertainment for me.

And Alicey -- report to Dallas immediately. I don't want you in that storm. Be safe, okay? ::hugs::

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Read poem at nifty Vibrato assembly. Was actually the only person to read her own work -- the only other reader was a staff member who read a past student's poem. Was met with congratulations and queries as to details. V. Amused.

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Sunday, September 22, 2002

In all my brain-deadness, I somehow didn't register the fact that Swussian Capitalist was back. So hurrah! ::loffs Tanja:: The layout looks fabulous, Britt. ::orders a "Molybdenum is the Answer" shirt::

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Alan Cumming + Ewan McGreggor = Emma is a good movie.

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I spent a large portion of my morning looking through my blog archives, trying to find date references for stuff I've done over the last year for my college apps and my National Merit thing. I found this. Tanja, if you can find it in your heart to continue this, entire continents will sing praises to your name. I absolutely love it.

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Happy Birthday to Men at Arms: The Musical. I can't remember the exact date when I decided to go for it, but I know it was in September, so today is as good a day as any. Huzzah.

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As seniors are actually permitted to dress up for Halloween at Hockaday, I find myself in need of inspiration. Any suggestions for what I should be?

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Thanks to Renata for pointing this out. Priceless.

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Saturday, September 21, 2002

More reasons to be happy: reiterated Penn-love. I've gotten to meet with the Texas rep three different times this week at various college fairs, and she's come to recognize me as quite the enthusiast. For example:

[Quenby sees Eunice and me approaching]
Quenby: [happy to see us] Well, I'm not sure if I can answer any more questions you have for me by now...
Me: Oh, that's okay! We just wanted to see you again so that you could get our faces imprinted in your memory, so that when you read our applications, you'll think "Oh, it's those two stalker girls who are way too obsessed with Penn!"
Omnus: ha ha ha!


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Congrats to Natalie and high-fives to Alicey. Go us!

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Yay, finally I get to see a decent-quality version of the HP trailer that actually has sound! Ah, the joy the comes from having a functional connection again... Okay, I'm excited now. With Nightwatch, CoS, and nearer proximity to the releases of TTT and The Matrix: Reloaded, November can't come soon enough!

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::dies of joy:: My internet connection is back up again! ::punts AOL back out the window:: Huzzah, life is merry once more.

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Friday, September 20, 2002

Friday Five, nicked from Renata. Arr.

1. Would you say that you're good at keeping in touch with people?

If they have a blog/LJ, sure. Snail mail is generally evil.

2. Which communication method do you usually prefer/use: e-mail, telephone, snail mail, blog comments, or meeting in person? Why?

Face to face is best, with Y!M in second, email third, telephone and comments tied in in fourth, and snail mail in fifth. I say this because the rapport in a face-to-face conversation is impossible to duplicate. One can only type so fast.

3. Do you have an instant messenger program? How many? Why/why not? How often do you use it?

I have Y!M, and I'm on all the time. I have AIM and ICQ, but I never go on because ICQ is on crack and AIM is the IM program that all my IRL friends use, and I don't like talking to IRL friends online as much. No offense to them, I just don't like the the dynamic.

4. Do most of your close friends live nearby or far away?

Most live nearby, I guess. Of course, I have quite a few online friends that are as close to me as some of the people I consider good friends IRL... I have no idea. Maybe about half and half.

5. Are you an "out of sight, out of mind" person, or do you believe that "distance makes the heart grow fonder"?

Distance, I think. I don't get insanely excited when I see a friend in class that I get to see everyday, but I spaz for weeks in advance and afterwards when I get the chance to see a friend that lives far away, like Renata. I think everybody is like this, though...

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::laughs:: Vibrato is holding a special assembly on Monday, and they want me to read my epic poem. Go me. Erin, who called me about it, and she said that it was the staff's favourite poem in the magazine that year. ::is loffed:: So yay. I'm in a "Priscilla can write, yay!" mood, because earlier today, Dr. Moreland selected me as one of three students to read her English paper aloud to the class. So it's a good day. And it's Friday, which is absolute gravy. And it's Kell's birthday, and if I'm not mistaken, Sian's as well. ::works on cards:: I have a very amusing idea for Sian's, and I'm still brainstorming on Kell's. So hurrah. ::waves flag::

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Yay, friends Cherise and Christine are getting LJs. And I set up a group blog for the JETS last night. All goes well in the world of weblogging.

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Yeep! Today is Kell's birthday and I completely forgot. Gah, I've been reminding myself about this all week. Oy. ::runs off to draw something::

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Thursday, September 19, 2002

Okay, I'm really not pleased with the casting for "Red White and Swing". All the lead roles went to juniors. Don't get me wrong, I utterly loathe Hockaday's obsession with seniority, but the fact is, it's always been there, and up until this year, our grade had never stood a chance at getting leads. Hockaday thrives on seniority. Two years ago, the seniors had a hissy fit because Mr. Blaydes gave an incredibly minor role in "You Can't Take it With You" to a sophomore. Now when it's finally our time to shine, they take it away from us on some demented whim. Now I get to be the leading lady's mother.

I'm generally okay with this arrangement for my own role. I understand Mr. Blaydes' decision to give me a smaller part, as I'll be in "Dark of the Moon", "Dido and Aeneas", and "Man of La Mancha" as well this year, which is enough on my plate. I just think it's unfair to the rest of the seniors that have been acting their butts off since day one in hopes of getting a good part when their time finally came. I think that's unfair and cruel. We never even got a chance.


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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

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Ahoy there, landlubbers! Tomorrow be National Talk Like a Pirate Day, yarr! ::staples stuffed parrot to shoulder::

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Sannali should appreciate this. I just spent a few minutes discussing the science thriller "The Cobra Event" with my friend Madeline. I was trying to remember if the author's name was Richard or Robert Preston. I eventually figured out that it was Richard Preston, and Robert Preston was the actor who played Harold Hill in "The Music Man". In sum, one sells bands, the other bands cells.

I need to spend less time in the sun.

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Muaha, go me. I found out two weeks ago, but I wasn't allowed to say anything until it was formally announced today. I'm a National Merit Semifinalist, based on my PSAT scores. ::grooves:: I'l find out if I'm a Finalist later on in the year. So fwah, that's my Ego Trip of the Day. Yay.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002


(and page 2, because my computer didn't load the whole thing).

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Hey, check out all the great quotes you've been missing out on by not being by my side 24/7!

Me: I heart Crowley.
Marcelina: I "less-than-three" Crowley.

Oh, cool! It's milking the paint cow!
--Marcelina, remarking on the paint mixer at Lowes that looked like someone milking a cow. We were tired.

It's just like breath! Bad breath is better than no breath.
--Mr. Dubsky

Wait a second! This is "Capitalism"! I'm cheating, dammit.
--Drew, playing cards

It may be possible to do without dancing entirely.
--from an amusing passage in Emma

I can't believe Angua was such a brazen hussy.
--My mom, regarding MAA

Our border says "Go away", not "come over here and look at our road signs".
--Rachel M, referring to our signs that list miles versus kilometers.

Me: How does one go about ravaging a mermaid? It seems to me that the farthest base someone can get to would be to fondle her bosoms.
Chungy: I read this story about a mermaid who was able to become immortal by making love with a man. That sounds kind of difficult.
Me: Maybe she laid eggs somehow... or yeah, maybe he really just fondled her bosoms.
Chungy: I can imagine some mermaid sitting on a street corner holding a sign saying "I wish to become immortal--"
Both: "--Please fondle my bosoms"!
Guy nearby: !

...But they didn't break their necks, so we were really disappointed, because that meant our calculations were incorrect.
--Marcelina, who spent a few bored minutes of the Senior Retreat calculating stuff for guys jumping off a platform into the water.

We tried to figure that in, but then we ran out of sand.
--Marcelina, cont'd

Erin: That's not projectile motion anymore.
Me: That's "we are bored and we have a Physics textbook".

He's a spooky guy. Was a spooky guy. Even spookier now, 'cause he's dead.
--Mr. Loh, referring to Stanley Kubrick

Maybe the cancer will eat the pneumonia and I'll be okay.
--Mr. Loh, after a particularly unhealthy-sounding cough

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Monday, September 16, 2002

Want to know about the Senior Retreat? Sure you do.

It consisted of a godawful number of Form Meetings, with niftyness interspersed. We voted on the graduation speaker (I'm not allowed to say who, but it's not Dave Barry or Ira Glass. Sadness. But Dave came in 3rd, so if the first two are unavailable, squeeage will ensue), class motto ("2003 -- Let it Be", much to the joy of the Beatles fans), class t-shirt design ("Daised and Confused -- I just got my 03rd wind, let's hit the road". As I've never seen Dazed and Confused, I'm rather dazed and confused myself), yearbook dedication (again, can't say), and some class officers. We also had a 3-hour campfire thing, full of tears and hugs and such. I didn't think I'd even come close to crying, but when I spoke near the end, I couldn't help myself from getting all choked up and teary. Sniff.

The niftyness consisted of canoes, kayaks, waterslides, the Blob, and a zipline. Squee. As soon as we were let loose, Chungy and I raced for the 2-person kayak, where I got the double-bladed paddle and Chungy got an oar for steering. We rained watery doom upon all the canoers, as we were about 3-times faster, what with my double bladed paddle and our lightweight, streamlined shell. We declared ourselves scurvy pirates of the briny depths, I the captain with my trusty first-mate Chungbeard. We zoomed around the lake, attacking canoes and splashing them with as much fervor as we could muster. We shouted "Arrr!" at them and traded pirate insults. Too much fun. As we sped away, we took turns shouting:

Me: What's a pirate's favourite letter of the alphabet?
Me and Chungy: Arrr!
Me: What's was the pirate movie rated?
Both: Arrr!
Me: What's a pirate's favourite part of opera?
Both: Arrrrria!
Me: What's a pirate's favourite Star Wars character?
Both: Arrrrtoo-Deetoo!

Too much fun. Hugs go out to Renata, my inspiration and the queen of Bad Pirate Jokes. When we were sufficiently exhausted, we went watersliding, which was too much fun by half. After going on all three waterslides twice, we went to the zipline. We helped two women get into their harnesses, thanks to my years of Ropes Course experience, then went up ourselves. We got to ride at the same time as Mariam (there are four lines total), who asked if we were allowed to go upside down. He said that he was supposed to tell us "no", but that they couldn't do anything if we did anyway. And so I did. Funness squared. I think Chungy got pictures; we'll have to see what develops. Anyway, after the zipline, we went to "Adventure Land", where we went on the water trapeze and the Blob. The Blob is a huge balloony thing that you land on after jumping off a platform. It's very difficult to stay on. If you manage to stay on, you crawl to the opposite end (which is difficult enough, I assure you), and try to stay on when another person jumps on. I became the Blob Queen when I managed to stay on for two seperate turns -- I landed and stayed. Chloe jumped, and I stayed. Mariam jumped, and I stayed. Chungy started griping at me that we had to leave and get ready, so when Chloe jumped again, I sat in a place that would propell me as far up as possible, and I fell off deliberately. Still, it was awesome. Yo.

In our time in the cabin, lots of time was spent playing card games such as Egyptian Ratscrew and Capitalism. After the campfire, I spent some quality time with Rachel, initially to thank her for all the effort she puts into the Sci-Fi Club and for being my friend again after our nast breakup in 8th grade. Then we started talking about Star Wars, which as great fun. I want to work for ILM.

And that's basically the end. Hurrah.

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I spent a great deal of time this morning looking through my LJ archives and reminiscing.
  1. One of the most wonderful photographs in the world can be found here.
  2. Wow, was "Whatever Happened to Honor" ever actually like that, or was I just really off-key? It's really changed since that recording... it sounds a lot better now, say I.
  3. Slightly disappointed that no one mentioned my two favourite lines from my Cheery VSD in comments. "Becoming more comfortable with femininity, regardless of beard. Feeling strange kinship with East German Women's Olympic Team." and "Do not understand other dwarfs' objection to new lipstick. After all, Captain Carrot seen wearing great deal of smudged lipstick after secret meeting in broom closet with Constable Angua, and Captain Carrot not even female. Unfair.". Heck, it amused me. Also somewhat pleased to see that at least *one* person has commented on Sibyl. Of course, still not on my favourite lines, namely Day 4. ::snerks::
  4. Hey, you're right. The "Can I Shout Hurrah Again?" kid really works as a timid 4-year old girl, rather than an overly exciteable 9-year-old boy. Hmmm.

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No, no, no, no, NO! ::throws a fit:: I refuse to have that horrible throat infection again! Never, never, never! Last time, I wasn't allowed to sing for a week, which is the most hellish form of torture I've ever encountered. But now I'm coughing up small amounts of blood again, and my symptoms match my last encounter with the infection. Aaargh, I am not having fun. And Jesuit auditions are next week. I'll probably have to sing, as it's a musical play. Want to kick something.

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Friday, September 13, 2002

No posts tomorrow, as I'll be at Sky Ranch for the Senior Retreat. This is the place I went to camp from age 7-9. Ah, memories... While there, we're going to vote on our class motto and t-shirt, as well as graduation speaker, most likely. I weep to report that Neil is no longer in the running, but at least Dave Barry and Ira Glass are still in the Top 10. Fingers remain crossed. Anyway, wish me luck in the motto voting. As our class jokingly calls ourselves the Senior Citizens (last year was Senior Frogs, har), I'm supporting the motto "Golly gee! 2003!". Dear God I need a hobby...

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In her comment, Nemmy describes a "SexMeUp!Crowley". Would a Tickle-Me-Elmo joke be out of place here?

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The aforementioned post. Intended posting time: 9:35 PM, September 12th, 2002.

Good golly. I just got back from "Red, White, and Swing" callbacks. As in "five minutes ago" just got back. It extended almost to 9. When have callbacks ever taken that long at my school? It started at 6 (before, we had a JETS trip to Lowe's to get supplies for our wall mural-y thing art project of doom for our NEW WORKSHOP, squee!), and I spent ages sitting on my rear, doing nothing. I wasn't called for dance. I wasn't called for voice (!), except after everyone was done, and they asked for everyone that hadn't been called yet. Thank you, Mrs. Wetherington, for that vote of confidence. Then, an endless string of scene after scene, where I was again never called up. Until about 8:30, when I am called for the first time in this 3 hour mess, and Mr. Blaydes gives me "the monologue". I rehearse for 15 minutes before he actually calls me up. I perform. Yay. I am confused, as this is a character that goes on to lead a dance number. I am not a dancer, regardless of whatever delusions of grandeur Mr. Blaydes and Mrs. Wortley have for me. I return to my seat, hopeful to get called up again in this dozen-strong clump of leftovers. Of course, Mr. Blaydes then dismisses us all. We can stay if we want to read for a role that we haven't gotten to read yet. I want to read Jo to get the vision of "Priscilla as Wanda the Monologue Girl" out of Mr. Blaydes' head, but I have an English paper to do/start, and it's nearly 9. I start losing mental capacity at 10:30. Just dandy. What a callback! It sure beats last year, when Mr. Blaydes forgot to put my name on the callback list, and I had to attempt to meet with the three directors individually some time during my school day to sing and dance and read lines by myself, bouncing dialogue against imaginary actors.

I hope Dr. Moreland is sympathetic.

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Have I updated my daily sketch? Gasp, inhale!

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As my third post in the last 3 minutes, I'd like to say that I had a really long post written out about the evils of callbacks for "Red White and Swing", but due to my internet acting wonky last night, it has not yet graced the web. I'll post it tonight, when I get home. Hurrah. Meanwhile, Marcelina has a rather nice description of what the JETS did before I had to leave for callbacks. Pardon me as I indulge in a maniacal laugh over here in this corner...

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::squeeps:: Do mine eyes deceive me? Has Blogger's preview function stopped being evil? Do we now have pre-formatted text again? Yeah, baby!

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There was a time or two
When he had danced with me,
(Her skin was so soft)
He was gorgeous and young.
And I would melt in his arms,
We danced 5 hours or more
(But we would part at her door)
And we kissed with no tongue!
We'd made a promise to wait,
And it was gonna be great...

I don't know how or why I have been so blessed, but I now have the script to Bat Boy. Ah, so that's what happened!

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Thursday, September 12, 2002

This I find curious.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Out of respect for those that died in the events of September 11th, Cult of Lincoln will maintain a day of silence in their honor.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

The US Postal Servie can officially bite me. I accepted their ridiculously high prices in order to get Brenna a package before her audition, and do they deliver it by the day it's "guaranteed"? Nope. My mood can definitely qualify as ticked off right now.

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Monday, September 09, 2002


Fairy Grandmother?

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Two auditions down, two to go! Today, we trod the boards for "Red, White, and Swing", Mr. Blaydes' pet musical about teenagers during World War II. I arrived slightly nervous, as I wan't familiar with the music. As I may have said previously, Mr. Blaydes wrote the script, then borrowed music from the period. I tried downloading some of the songs beforehand to practice, but it's a lot more difficult when it's a real song. It's easy to find songs from musicals, because no one messes with them. With normal songs, however, everyone covers them until the point where not a note is the same as the original. Gravy. I briefly toyed with the idea of not singing one of the songs they gave us, but as I went through a mental checklist, I realized that I would need more practice before I jumped into a song I'd never sung alone. I contented myself with the knowledge that I could sing "Whatever Happened to Honor" in a pinch, as Mrs. Wetherington would probably be impressed that I'm writing a musical. Yay. Fortunately, I ran into Lexi, another theatre buff who I share a locker with in gym class. We sang through some of the songs together--mainly "Only Have Eyes", as we were both trying out for Jo--and generally warmed up our voices.

Then the audition began, and we were sorted into three groups. I went to Acting. I was a bit annoyed inside when Mr. Blaydes had me read for Joan, as opposed to Jo. I think I did rather well. I then went to Dance, only to find that I was the only one there, so I went back to Acting to wait for my group. Apparently we were supposed to go to Singing next (despite Mr. Blaydes saying Dance), so I went to sing "Only Have Eyes". Again, proud of my performance, considering the practice time invested. Then, Dance. Shockingly, I danced far less pathetically than I have in auditions past. Usually, I step all over my feet and knock into my neighbors, but I actually did decently this time. I remembered to do a lot of nifty arm movement, which makes you look like a better dancer than you really are. I messed up some of the choreography, but I caught up. All in all, probably the least demeted dance audition I've done. Go me!

Anyway, I'm pretty excited about the whole deal. When leaving, I saw Mr. Blaydes' page of audition rating rubbish, full of actors' names, the characters they read, and either a plus or a minus, with varying intensity. Next to "Priscilla -- Joan" was the darkest mark on the page. I'm probably jumping to conclusions, but it seems like a good sign. Originally, this upset me slightly, because I really like the character Jo. But then I remembered that Joan has the most scenes in the musical--3, unlike the multitudes with one or two. In fact, she's the only one with three scenes, with the exception of the obligatory chorus, making her the closest thing this show has to its nonexistent leading lady. I'm probably setting myself up for diappointment, but it's still an intriguing idea. I'll be crossing my fingers.



*swing dances*

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Sunday, September 08, 2002

I need to revamp tnm.n. But before that, I need to revamp WIAN and actually update, as the last update was sometime in August of last year. That's pathetic and sad. I have the new layout all planned out, so it's just a matter of writing these bloody essays so I don't feel guilty about doing stuff I want/need to do. Growl. I wonder where my huge file of "things I need to add to WIAN when I finally update" is...

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Ha. I was going to randomly post the first verse-let of "I, Comma" last night, but WS_FTP is a scurvy wench. Plus, the file is scary and big. Content yourselves with this. Recorded for Mon and Alicey in a discussion of accents.

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For those that responded to my charade a few posts back, Kristen is correct in guessing "carpet". Go her. I intended to award you with the satisfaction of being correct and full rights to snub all that didn't respond, but if you really want me to send you a 3" carpet sample, I can do that, too. Umm.... Lincoln honors you. *brandishes mini-Lincoln statue, courtesy of Renata*

Which reminds me... I need to add the charade to Bad Poetry. Perhaps on my next "break" from writing my college essays...

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This is why I love This.

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Yayfun! Okay, now I have to actually read the Bromeliad trilogy.

(pause) And let us remember the great words of Neil-Gaiman-as-Terry-Pratchett-regarding-Good-Omens: "It'll never happen". ::snerk::
On a whim, I shall post the context, so that others may revel in the amusing in-joke-ness.

Neil: Good Omens movie... not good news, but not necessarily bad news. But incredibly frustrating news. I was in England earlier this year working with Dave McKean, working on a movie for Dave to direct that Hensons is going to be putting together, and Terry Gilliam came over for lunch. And at that point, when Terry and Tony Grisoni and everything seemed absolutely ready to roll; they had 45 million dollars in place, it was a 60 million dollar movie, and they needed 15 million dollars from a U.S. studio. All the money was in place all around the world, and they were waiting for 15 million dollars from a U.S. studio. And you'd think okay, U.S. studio: "Hey, it's a Terry Gilliam film, it's this incredibly popular book, and it only costs us 15 million! Great!" And then Terry came up to L.A., and everybody said "No, we are scared of you." And last I heard of, last time I spoke to them, Tony Grisoni was trying to rewrite the script to get it down to a 45 million dollar script. And what was weird it that they had huge stars attached, they had Terry Gilliam directing, they had 45 million dollars in place, and I thought it was a no-brainer. And so did everybody else. So we've renewed their option again and... I hope they can do it. Um... I wish them luck, but I'm definitely in "hope for the best, expect the worst"-mode. I was already the optimistic one. Terry Pratchett was always "It'll never happen". And I'd say, "Look. Terry Gilliam, we've got this person, we've got that person, we've got this on board, we've got money--" "It'll never happen". I say "Ah! But what if it does?" He'd say "It Will Never Happen". I hope that... No, I still don't know if I was right and he was wrong, but I still have this little Terry now that sits on my shoulder. "It'll never happen."

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Saturday, September 07, 2002

I am such a theatre junkie! Squee! I just called Mrs. Felice and Mr. Blaydes, and they said that it wouldn't be a problem. I'll go to Jesuit rehearsals, as Hell Week will be upon us, and Mr. Blaydes will rehearse the scenes I'm not involved in. "Red White and Swing" is very episodic, so that shouldn't be a challenge. Oh, how cool is this? Squee, squee, squeeeee! Good gravy, this year is going to be fantastic.

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More proof that Alicey is to be worshipped by countless millions. HP Monthly has been moved to!

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For Renata's continuing sanity: Jesuit is an all-boys school that's about a mile away from Hockaday. It's the rival school of our brother school, St. Marks, which makes me something of a traitor. I don't mind being a traitor, though, because I like the Jesuit theatre experience a whole lot more than Hockaday/St. Marks. And I heart Mrs. Felice, the drama director. So yay.

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::stares:: Oh man. Rehearsals for "Dark of the Moon", the Jesuit fall play, and "Red White and Swing", the Hockaday musical, overlap two weeks. I'll have to ask Mr. Blaydes if this would bar me from participating. Grr. I'm sticking with Jesuit regardless.

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I'm rather cross to see that it costs nearly $20 just to ship 5 paperback books to Argentina. Alicey, when its your turn, you'd be better off ordering from and setting Mon's home as your shipping address. Eliminate the extortionistic middleman. ::growls at post office::

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Friday, September 06, 2002

Ooh! And another amusing thing that happened at school today! We were talking about centripetal forces and rotational acceleration and such in Physics, and the class eventually convinced Mr. Loh to let us watch parts of 2001 on his incredibly shiny new DVD/CD/other nifty media player. Marcelina and I revelled in the Stanley!love as we calculated the diameter of the space station, based on the time it took for a quarter-revolution. We are nerds, and we love it. We discussed all the astronomical aspects of the movie, and we were thrilled by the accuracy that this movie had, versus the rest of Hollywood. Clarke and Kubric are my Heros of the Day.

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I was amused. I went to the computer lab early for my Java class, to find a girl (gah, I forgot her name) and her friends looking at various Elfwood galleries. She immediately jumped up and asked me if I did art. Yes, I said. After a short line of questioning, she started spazzing. Apparently, she ran across the FA April Fools LOTR:VSD collab with Monica and had seen my name and wondered if it was the same Priscilla Spencer. It was amazing. Whenever I mentioned any of my HP artist friends, she gasped and squealed "You know her!?!". She's a huge fan of Mon, Mags, and Alicey. I told her to keep an ear to the ground for news on our Very Secret Collaborative Project, as Mags is her favourite artist. XD

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::sigh:: He really does make a good Lucius, but if only he didn't have that ridiculous hair. He's a Malfoy! Malfoys don't have long hair. *scowls* He looks like Celeborn.

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Sent the packages. I'm not sure when Mon's will arrive, but Brenna's is guaranteed for Tuesday. Yay.

Checking out at Barnes and Noble for Moni, my cashier informed me that he used to work for Harper Collins, and he had been Terry Pratchett's and Neil Gaiman's liason-publisher-person-thing. He actually has the typed manuscript of American Gods at home! ::faints:: Squeeage ensued. I should have asked him if he had a proof copy of Nightwatch. XD

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Squee! Got a letter from Renata, containing a brochure from the House on the Rock and a postcard with the Carousel of the Gods! Ooh, I must show my fellow Gaiman fans... *does a little dance*

And now, I have a package to send to Brenna. And Monica. Hurrah!

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Thursday, September 05, 2002

::snerks:: CoS is going to be fabulous.

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In English class today, we had to write a poem to mimic Mr. Elton's "charade" in Emma. Here's the one Chungy and I wrote. See if you can get it. (Note: for those unfamiliar, the first couplet describes the first syllable, and the second couplet describes the second syllable. The second stanza describes the syllables together.)

The first, a conveyance for climbing the black.
I keep to dotted paths, though legs I may lack.
The next, a companion so faithful and true,
I follow my master and gnaw on his shoe.

Together, what marvelous comfort we bring.
We cushion your feet upon your entering.
Unnatural grass in a field in your den,
Not slate, brick, or hardwood, so who am I then?

Priscilla said at 9:36 PM


Nominated and voted for Neil Gaiman as the graduation speaker. Stupid teennybopper fools have never heard of him. Fortunately, garnered support from Marcelina and Eunice. Should have mentioned "dreamy British accent" in qualifications list. Drat.

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::explodes in a fit of overjoyed squeeage::

I'm the Sorceress!!!!

Oh, this merits large font size and multiple exclamation points. Jooooooooooy! ::dances merrily::

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Wow, that was an amusing dream. I was in some show at Hockaday, and it was opening night. Unfortunately, the techies couldn't decide what opening music to play. They finally settled on a piece of music, but no one had a copy, so we used my laptop to try to download it. No luck. We tried this huge music archive site, which I had used in the past. I thought we'd have a good chance of finding the song, but for some reason, only classical composers came up. That and Urinetown. Eventually, seconds to curtain, we decided to use the opening for "Into the Woods", the Hockaday spring musical. Of course, as I was really the only person in the cast who hadn't auditioned for this musical, I didn't know the words, and no one seemed ready to teach me. "Grab some flowers!" they shouted at me in whisper, "and get on the stage!", even though I wasn't wearing a costume. Clutching three huge, plastic daisies, I went onstage, attempting to look confident. The music started. On stage left was a girl dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, singing the opening bars. Several other girls made "Into the Woods!" interjected comments, then when I sensed a lapse, I quickly improvised "Into the Woods da-da da-ta, I haven't heard this song in years". Mrs. Wetherington, the choir director, stopped playing the piano and stood up, furious, daring me to do what I had just done. I didn't feel worried, though, because now that I was onstage, I saw that there was no audience. Suddenly, Mr. Blaydes leapt to the stage and started reading off notes of how we had messed up in rehearsals for the show we were about to put on. One boy went around the stage, handing out a bunch of plastic swords. He refused to give me one, on suspicioun that I wouldn't be serious and I would fidget with it onstage. Jerk.

And then I woke up.

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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

As I toddle around my computer science class, it occurs to me that perhaps my readers could be curious as to how I fared in Dido and Aeneas auditions yesterday. Though it will be a while before roles are announced, I officially want to be the Sorceress again. While Aeneas would be fun, as I have the freakish ability to sing Baritone, Mrs. Glaros doesn't want me to because it's not loud enough. Bah. Anyway, the Sorceress has much cooler music, and she gets to chill with the Witches, who are have some of the most fun music in the opera. I loff "But Ere We This Perform". If I don't make it as the Sorceress, I want to be a witch. Good stuff.

Priscilla said at 3:26 PM


Curious. Why aren't my archives recognizing December 01 through June 01? Strange things are afoot, Watson.

Priscilla said at 3:14 PM


Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Jesuit announced their theatre season: Fall play is "Dark of the Moon" and Spring musical is "Man of la Mancha". While not actually inconvenient, I find it mildly irritating that auditions for DotM aren't until the end of the month. To allow for the girls in theatre and sports, Dido and Aeneas rehearsals are from 6-7 on Tuesday, which would have been really convenient because I would still be in the area, finishing up Jesuit rehearsals. Instead, I'll just have to stay at school until 6. Gah. Oh well, at least it'll give me time to go to Mackenzie's randomly scheduled after-school JETS meetings, and I'd be able to do my homework early. And it's just one day each week, so it's not worth complaining about. Yaaaay, Jesuit theatre.

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Monday, September 02, 2002

...You know summer is really over when you find yourself adding your school's name to Microsoft Word's spell checker, despite feeling like you've owned your still brand-new laptop for ages.

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Terry Pratchett is evil. My english paper is already riddled with footnotes. Grrr. And I microquoted XXX in one draft, which is a bad sign.

EDIT, 2 hrs later: Gah, I'm sick of this essay. Five minutes ago, I was this [-----] close to quoting Jingo (seriously, not microquoting). If I still need padding, I actually might. This is going to be interesting.

EDIT, 30 mins later: Someone stop me. I'm actually quoting Jingo, as well as A Clockwork Orange and other books that are not Emma. This is why Priscilla should never write essays after bedtime.

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Looking through my blog archives, I came upon this quote. How I love my archives... If only they could help me write an english paper, as opposed to helping me procrastinate.

Homer: Kids, kids. I'm not going to die. That only happens to bad people.
Bart: What about Abraham Lincoln?
Homer: Uh, he sold poison milk to school children.

Priscilla said at 6:53 PM


Which Animaniacs Character are You? Pinky!

You are...unique to say the least. Though the events around you often seem complex, even convoluted, you tend to drift off into your own world. It's nicer there. People tend to think you're joking, even when you think you're being serious. Though, seriousness is taxing for you. You'd rather play all the time than do boring work of any type, and perhaps that's why inane dribble tends to issue forth from your mouth. ZORT!

Priscilla said at 6:20 PM


I think the most fun aspect of Dido and Aeneas is the chorus' sung maniacal laughter. I never knew maniacal laughter could be sung before.

Priscilla said at 5:57 PM


Fixed my permalinks. Yay me.

Priscilla said at 5:29 PM


::whines:: I played as Percy Weasley and it said I was Darien Fawkes. Silly website. Of course, questions about having fake breasts and collapsible wings made it all worthwhile.

EDIT: Of course, I realize that Percy is not a television sitcom character. Of course. Yes, I realized this all the time. Why would you have any reason to doubt me? ::jumps at small noises::

Priscilla said at 5:27 PM


::blinks:: I just realized that I forgot Carrot's shoelaces. Wow, I'm special. Har, I feel delightfully evil because I stole Paul Kidby's shoes. ::goes off to cackle::

Priscilla said at 12:31 PM


Squee! Sluggy embarks on a Harry Potter tribute! Yay, Pete! ::does a nifty dance::

In case you haven't made the connection yet, I'm Happy Squeeing Sunshine Girl because today I can finally sing again! ::grooves:: Life is wonderful again.

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Sunday, September 01, 2002

... she didn't kill me. She was acutally surprisingly understanding. It turns out that a lot of the negative stuff was old, and she wasn't planning on using them again. Still, I feel awful. I hope the rest is salvageable...

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Oh, dear god. I am dead. I am so dead it's not even funny. I am dead as a doornail. I am deader that a doornail. When my mom comes home.... oh man, I'm dead.

Yesterday morning, I did a bunch of Cyanotypes for photography. We painted the paper Friday, and we were to cook them at home. Because I'm industrious and eager, I decided to wash my cyanotypes in my darkroom so that I wouldn't have to keep them in the dark until last period. Because all cyanotypes I had done in the past had to be washed for an hour, I washed them for an hour, only to find that they had faded significantly. Grr. Anyway, I cleaned up the darkroom and made it all impeccable and perfect, then left to pursue greater things.

Just now, I went out to the darkroom to collect my dried Cyanotypes, only to find the floor flooded. Somehow, I had left the water just barely running, so that it spilled over the washing tray and onto just about everything we keep next to the enlarger. Dear lord. This includes a binderfull of my mom's slides and negatives. And some cardboard envelopes of photographic paper. And a framed piece of my mom's work.

I've tried to sweep out the water, and it's not really working. Ugh.

... and my mom just called to say that she and my dad would be home in 30 minutes. Lord help me.

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::gapes:: You know last night when we were making fun of three-hour CGs, Alicey? I was looking through my archives, and I saw that my Rowena collab was done in 4 1/2 hours. Ye gods. How is that possible? ::blinks:: Nelly.

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Brenna's Card. Comment if you wish.

Priscilla said at 1:45 PM


Dear Mom and Dad, I want to go to Orlando.

Priscilla said at 1:25 AM


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