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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gah, I fail at consistency. Sunday night (worked until 10:30), I just plain forgot to post, and Monday night, I worked until 1am and went to sleep immediately afterward. Tuesday night, I wrote most of this post, then decided to do laundry and watch Victor Victoria instead. Let's see if I can compensate for the missed days today!

Sunday's happy things:
  1. I spent much of the day working on a caricaturish model of Beethoven. He looks kind of like a werewolf. Awesome!
  2. Experimented with using an exercise ball instead of a chair. Fun, but slowly energy-sapping. When I finally got home, it felt fantastic to sprawl on my futon at the end of a long day's sitting!
  3. Learned that Terrence Mann will be in the Broadway musical of The Addams Family. Yes, please!
  4. Awesome movies were playing in the lounge area all day, so I got to watch a little bit of the original Star Wars as I ate lunch and part of Some Like it Hot during dinner. Saw a few minutes of Evil Dead II while making tea and giggled like a loon.
  5. Speaking of dinner, Liz and I (having worked all weekend, and having eaten ridiculously healthily since Friday's food coma-inducing lunch) decided to spoil ourselves rotten and ordered a sumptuous feast from Serafina! We shared a raspberry, tangerine, and Nutella crepe and a slice of NY cheesecake. The prosciutto, tomato, and fontina focaccia pizza was almost an afterthought. I love Seamless Web.

Monday's happy things:
  1. During lunch and dinner, I watched bits of His Girl Friday, at the recommendation of my favourite Penn professor. T'was awesome!
  2. A number of friends kept me company online as I slaved away. My friends are awesome.
  3. Matt, Craig, and I conspired about conspire-y things! Mwahaha!
  4. Kat and I squeed about how we have only THREE DAYS until we will be reunited! Joy!
  5. I misunderstood a coworker's comment about the size of a Great Dane, hearing "30 inches" as "30 hamwiches." I then made a sleep deprivation-inspired comment on my Twitter about how dogs should measured by a hamwich scale, i.e. the number of hamwiches they can eat without getting sick. To my glee, my Twitter friends rallied magnificently in response, making me laugh when I so desperately wanted to rage at a particularly atrocious communication failure that wasted over three hours of my time.

Tuesday's happy things:
  1. I slept in until 9, performed morning ablutions at warp speed, ducked into the library to pick up the Locke Lamora sequel, and got to work by 10! I am like the Flash, only without the nickname synonymous with public indecency.
  2. We're doing a spot for a Russian ad agency, so we're making a bunch of Russian characters. I keep hearing James Marsters' fantastic read of Sanya's "Tiny. But fierce." in my head.
  3. I got to leave at 7! Well, 7:30.
  4. Did laundry! Am hygenic! Also watched Victor Victoria for the first time, and it was BRILLIANT. I need more classic comedies in my life.
  5. RPed with the FG folks. Molly got to take down a demon with a Chekovian glass dolphin paperweight! Don't mess with the Carpenter ladies, yo.


Priscilla said at 8:36 AM

Yay! Love your post! They say the exercise balls help improve concentration in kids...some elementary school classrooms are using them now. Happy Thursday!
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