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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hmm. What to do when your Molly costume actually looks really cute, as opposed to Frankenhookerish?

Here's the full costume, with and without the jacket (it's going to be HOT in San Diego!), and a close-up.

The wig is done! I initially planned to gel it into spikes, so it would look more street grungy and less like a punkish Veronica Lake, but I love the current look too much to risk screwing it up. Unfortunately, I screwed up the ratio of ink to rubbing alcohol in the dye for the blue, making it look kind of flat and gummy. I managed to fix the gumminess, but it's still not as shiny and pretty as the pink side. In fact, it looks kind of radioactive. Ah well. :D

At the con, I'll be wearing black nail polish as well, but I didn't feel like putting it on just for these photographs.

(Dear god, I want to steal that jacket. I'm borrowing it from the awesometastic Rebecca, who found it at a thrift store for TEN BUCKS, whereas it usually retails for like $80. Envy! Thaaaaaank youuuuuu, Rebecca, for lending it to me!)

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Priscilla said at 12:38 PM

i didn't read enough dresden files to know who that is, but you look adorable and awesome!
....holy wow.

That is AMAZING.

And makes me want to costume more. I got into it through Cats: The Musical and I was a slapdash River Tam for a Serenity screening, but this makes me feel inadequate! *Flails* I've decided I want to be the Evil Dr. Horrible for Halloween, so I've got to jump on that. Swanky red coat, here I come!
Very well done! Ewwww-w-w-w. the lip ring gives your mother pause...
Hot hot hot!
The Molly costume would not look so cute without the gorgeous model.
Costume looks rocking!
I must steal that jacket!!! But you need to steal it from Rebecca first so that I can steal it from you seeing as I don't know Rebecca. Rebecca, where are these awesome thrift stores you shop in? Must. Shop. There. I'd wear that jacket every day.

And're going to ComicCon???? Since when? I'm so jealous! I knew you were thinking about doing it one year. Didn't know this was the year. You're going to have so much fun! :D

Just be prepared for a LOT of walking and questionably functioning air conditioning. Oh and like $5 cans of warm soda.
eeeee! so HAWT! aw. i'm so jealous that i can't go with you!
Considering I swooped in and bought it out from under you at your very own local thrift store, least I can do :D Did you end up wearing it at the con? The outfit is AWESOME--lovelovelove the different colored laces! Looks great on you, too.
Omg screw being a costume... I want to dress like that every day! *Gets a wig similar*
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