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Monday, October 01, 2007

EEEE! I just found out last night that Terry Pratchett is going to be at the Union Square B&N tonight! And I have permission to get off work early! TRIUMPH!

So. Saturday and Sunday, my friend El came to visit! For her 18th birthday, she went to see Drew Sarich, one of her favourite actors, playing Valjean in Les Miserables. All was merry! We had great adventures with nonexistent transportation and both got a pair of the most ridiculous shoes ever.

I'm kind of obsessed with the shoes, and they would actually work really, really well with my Maeve costume, so I'm currently debating between them and my Docs. They're clear plastic 6" platform heels--making me 6'3"--with sparkly green accents, and they are SO MAEVE IT HURTS. I'll bring both alternatives with me to Philly and decide there.

Speaking of Maeve, I finished the wig last night! Well, I might actually bleach some of the brighter strands a touch whiter, as it's gotten a bit too far away from the glacier look, but... EEE! Pretty! See here and here. I love the tacky tiara--It makes the wig! I found it in a box of equally tacky tiaras, probably intended for Daddy's Little Princess's quinceanera. A bunch of them actually had a "15" in rhinestones. I love it!

And the tackiness of the tiara and the potential shoes nicely offsets the elegance of the toga top, and everything comes together beautifully. When I first set out to put the costume together, I was worried that the costume wouldn't have the vibe and personality it needed, but I see now that my fears were completely unfounded.

Now I need to figure out some kind of crazy knitting project that will allow me to use all my leftover yarn. It's so pretty, I can't just let it collect dust in my closet!

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Priscilla said at 9:53 AM

wow! that wig is awesome, especially with the rhinestone tiara...would look fabulous with some icy blue eye shadow, I think. Great costume. Highly recommend against bleaching the strands of wool that you've already worked into the wig. Remember that you are going to be near those fumes, and your skin is the largest "organ" of your body...not healthy vapors. It think it's perfect just as is! Great work...Also, can't wait to hear about your experience with pterry. --M
You might morph Maeve into a pot holder?
only you spend a whole month on your halloween costume. :P i love you!
Dang girl, but you are very talented!

After seeing these pics of you dressed up as Maeve, I couldn't help but think of


It was something I designed for my secret pal this year, and for some reason I think it would have looked awesome with this costume you have created. Good job!

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