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Monday, September 24, 2007

Some Maeve pics!

The hair dye job! This is the only shot I could get the colors to look reasonably accurate. It's much lighter than one might expect from her description in the book to compensate for the darker colors of wool I'll be adding in. Anyway, it looks so cool in real life! When it's in shadow, the sea green practically glows.

My nails afterwards, AFTER scrubbing at them for five minutes.

First progress shot of the dreads and some wool added in, taken Sunday evening.

What it looks like now, with all the "done" dreads pinned up out of the way and all the remaining hair still down. *wibbles and clutches poor, aching arm*

Another angle showing all the dreads I've done so far, which might explain the wrist-twingeing.

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Priscilla said at 11:54 PM

All pretty and fun! Can't wait to see the whole costume with the hair. It's going to be splendid!
--M (PS. Invest in some gloves...)
dude, that is awesome.
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