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Thursday, September 27, 2007

More progress on Maeve!

I have no idea why these look so desaturated. You totally lose the cool, subtle blue-green glow of the wig hair! And the pinkish yarn is actually closer to a dark beige. They looked fine in photoshop! Ah well. I currently have about a third of the head wool-ized, though I'll be going back and adding more of the blue-purple-black yarn in the lower layers to get the general color range a bit closer to the intended vibe. The other side is still the wig hair only, without the added woolly goodness.Soooooo excited. Though I need to figure out what to do with the bangs so I don't look like an anime character!

(And woo, Charlex t-shirt! My company's parent company, for the win!)

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Priscilla said at 11:22 PM

a++ looks glorious!!

i think that you should just dye your real hair to look like that; it's a good look.
holy moley. actually that looks like the same length of your real hair. that's the crazy part
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