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Saturday, September 30, 2006

PhauxCon was FABULOUS. I love these women! Sleep calls to me now, but expect a big entry in the next few days.

In the meantime, highlights include:
  • Denny kicking butt and taking names
  • Sadbhyl totally blowing my mind as far as The Dresden Files is concerned. Can I borrow a time-turner and/or TARDIS so I can reread the entire series without dipping into the time needed for homework?
  • The most gentle crashing and burning of my panel anyone could imagine.
  • Me trying Bailey's Irish Creme and liking it, marking the first time I've ever not detested the taste of alcohol.
  • Hearing about the totally awesome projects my fellow attendees are planning. And I sincerely hope Xi wasn't joking about the "bunch of sex" PhauxCon ficathon. Dude, I can't write fic and I've never had sex, and I still want to participate.
  • A Dutch bakery!

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Gah. For my panel-thing at PhauxCon, I'm talking about Jim Butcher's books. Because I've had so much work to do lately, I wasn't able to start writing until this evening, where I wrote up some basic stuff about the Dresden Files characters as a starting point. Then I went to dinner with a bunch of the attendees, and they've all read (at least) the first book. They know who all the characters are and they have a sense of the style of worldbuilding.

Now I get to figure out what I'm going to talk about for thirty minutes at 1AM the night before. This is *so* going to be a discussion. XD

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

I love how I have accomplished more on my computer graphics project in the last five hours than in the last five days.

I'm on a roll! Like butter.

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All those going to the Gaiman/Hodgman thing tonight, HAVE CRAZY FUN! Try to have a bit of surplus fun to send to me, if possible. Anyone that hooks me up with audio and/or video footage gets a virtual kiss on the mouth.

To my great joy, a split second after I posted this entry, I just got an email from the TAs, saying the the Computer Graphics project is now due on Tuesday. This would technically give me the opportunity to see the Hodgneil thing if I wished. Interesting. Now that I'm actually making the choice not to go rather than being forced into not going by circumstances out of my control, I feel much better about missing it. Anyway, I look forward to seeing John Hodgman on the 5th!

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

(Answer to the previous question? House.)

Observation: I use really big, obscure words when I write when I'm exceptionally tired. Skimming through my Piano paper, I have found instances of "ostensibly", "tempestuous", "indelibly", "indissolubly", "perfidy", "imbue", "permeates", "innumerable", and my personal favourite, "homonymic." All this in just five pages.

I am such a dweeb. XD

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I spent the first hour of Computer Graphics class struggling to stay awake. I would nod off for a second or two, then jerk back to consciousness, seriously unsettling the guy sitting next to me. I talked to Norm after class, and he said that he would be very understanding about the homework assignment, as it took so long for so many of the students to get the platform to work correctly, before we could even start coding. That's a relief.

Now I must decide how best to recharge my batteries. Nap or House?

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I'm knocking down pins left and right! This morning, I just finished my Film Analysis paper on The Piano and the "Bluebeard" story, and though I might tweak it a bit before I turn it in tomorrow (I'm going to ask my Fairytales professor to look over it after class tonight), it's in a state that I'd feel good about turning in.

The Physics quiz is over with, and I'm pretty sure I didn't get *all* of the questions wrong! I actually feel pretty good about the way I set up the problems, but I'm sure I had some major screwups when it came to combining powers of ten and whatnot. Not bad for a couple hours' studying to catch up with three weeks of "huh?"

Last night, I finished reading White as Snow for my Fairytales class, so go me. I know next week we're doing "Little Red Riding Hood," but I'm feeling like I could sleep for a hundred years.

My computer graphics assignment is still daunting as all get-out. As daunting as a near-totally blank screen can be. I talked to the TAs and they gave me a few suggestions for where I should look for tutorials and whatnot, and they recommended a book, which I just picked up at the store. I'm going to talk to my professor during his office hours this afternoon and get his signoff for me to get a tutor, and possibly an extension.

And I have a math exam Tuesday, proving that IT DOESN'T END.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Anyone that spoils me for tonight's episode of House dies slowly and painfully. I'm not watching it until the weekend.

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PHEW! I just had a shock of horror as I observed that my Physics exam on October 5th was the same night as John Hodgman's appearance in Philly. Fortunately, my professor told the class that the exam should be over before 6, giving me an hour to get to the Free Library before John arrives at 7. Close call!

The season premiere of Veronica Mars was supposed to premiere online tomorrow, a week before it aired. But lo and behold, it got leaked today! Three cheers, for the "frak" will go some way in making up for me not watching Battlestar Galactica! (I am SO GLAD Psych, Doctor Who, and The Dresden Files don't start up until this stupid semester is over.) Though I'm really not digging the new credits. Don't mess with my Dandy Warhols, yo.

Studio 60? Love. Though like The West Wing before it, it makes me wish real life was more like the show.

In other TV news, Tim Minear has joined Standoff as a consulting producer. First Gina, now Tim? I guess this makes one more show I'll have to catch on DVD. Provided it goes to DVD, of course. With Tim's track record, I doubt it'll last fourteen episodes. :D And not to worry, Drive is still a midseason contender.

Internet Celebrities talk dance about Net Neutrality. Hilarious! Though don't let the humor of their presentation undermine their message. Net Neutrality must be preserved. Take action and call your congressman!

Moviewise, we've got a bunch of high-res images from Order of the Phoenix! Umbridge is perfect, but oh DanRad, what have you done to your hair? Luna's eyes are so very Luna, but Neville looks unsettlingly like Hitler shaved his moustache.

We now also have got a (teaser?) poster for Hogfather. Good thing it's slated for Christmas and the 3D Nightmare Before Christmas re-release is in October. We don't want to oversaturate the "skeletons playing Santa" market. :D

And finally, aww! James Marsters is going to be in a real movie! And James, "P.S. I Love You"? The initials thing is way too obvious. I know you love me, but darling, you're twice my age. It would never work. :D

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Monday, September 25, 2006

I just totally PWNED my math quiz. It was like "I have Gaussian elimination and inverted matrices and Cramer's rule and determinants!" and I was like, "But I have a FLAG!"

It was pretty much over from there.

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Academic Depression + Eating Dessert Before Dinner = Slightly Less Academic Depression, At Least For The Moment. And Ben & Jerry's widely-sold "American Pie" is close enough to my lusted-for "Appley Ever After" that an outpouring of singing and dancing may be expected as soon as I rid myself of this excessive quantity of homework.

Anyway, I've already cancelled on Tuesday's SIGGRAPH mini-lecture, and unless I make some major headway in my computer science project in the next few days, I've decided not to attend the Gaiman/Hodgman event in New York this Thursday. The stress it will create far outweighs the fanglee. Besides, John Hodgman is coming to Philadelphia October 5th, and I've already met Neil twice. It would have been fun, but it just wasn't to be. I might also drop Battlestar Galactica this semester, if time remains tight. Nightly viewings of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are already gone.

An academic update:

After working on Math for about 6-7 hours yesterday, I've finished two of the four sections due on Monday. Hurrah! I've emailed my TA, asking if these past two weeks are indicative of the workload we can expect throughout the semester, because it's frankly ridiculous. His response? No, it's not indicative. The course may actually speed up. Excuse me as I rend my hair and garments and pierce my throat with a wail of agony. I'm definitely going have a chat with the professor after class on Tuesday. [Edit: As of approximately midnight, I'm done! I also sent my professor an email. Jolly good.]

After a couple hours of banging my head against the wall yesterday trying to get the latest release of JOGL (a system that allows one to use Java with OpenGL) to work, a fellow student advised me to try the 2003 release. Yay, the test code actually compiles! Now I only have to learn an entire programming language in a week and implement an architectural layout system! Norm may be a great guy, but he has no grip on what a person can sanely ask of his students.

I finished my bulk-pack reading for my Fairytales class, and I'm half-done reading White as Snow. I've scratched the surface of my Film readings, but they're a lower priority. My film paper is looking promising, but I'll be seriously hard-pressed to keep it under 6 pages.

And Physics? I haven't even cracked the book this weekend. I am so far behind it's ridiculous, and it will be interesting to see if I can cram enough knowledge to not fail Wednesday's quiz, as I failed the two before. They only drop our three lowest quiz scores, so I need to get my act together, STAT. Now if only there were enough hours in the day that this was physically possible while still allowing me time to sleep, so that I might recover from my cold.

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Woah. An unconfirmed French intelligence report is claiming Bin Laden has died of Typhoid fever.

(Also, he tried to ford a river, but his oxen died.)

I wouldn't be surprised if he was dead. He's reportedly been in awful shape these past years. And I'd be delighted to see him die in a way that doesn't make him a martyr. But I was kind of hoping the U.S. would get the chance to kick the SOB's evil, psycho, genocidal, pansy ass, you know?

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Huzzah! The comics shop across the street has finally started stocking new stuff! The store isn't very large, so the selection isn't fantastic, but I get what I need. Today I just picked up the new issue of Astonishing X-Men, despite the new issues of Fables and Runaways enticing me from the shelves, urging me to get through the Fables trades and start feeling the Brian K. Vaughn love.

Of course, I'm trying to keep distractions and temptations to a minumum. Next week is going to be one of those "magnet" times, where just about every class has something due.

Monday I have a math homework due and a quiz, but the past homework has been coming fairly easily for me, and I believe I won't have a problem being prepared.

Tuesday, I'm giving a short talk about my summer internship experience to the Siggraph kidlets.

Wednesday, I have a Physics quiz, plus the hefty amount of weekly reading for my Fairytales class (we're on Snow White, and we're reading Snow, Glass, Apples, among other stories).

Thursday, I have my first film paper, which is getting off to a great start. Thursday is also Neil Gaiman and John Hodgman day, and while I'm definitely going to have to miss Math, I'm fairly sure I can still attend film class and get to New York in time to guarantee a seat.

Friday, I have my first assignment for Computer Graphics, which is going to be a real challenge. I'll definitely have to bring my laptop to the Hodgman/Gaiman event.

Saturday is PhauxCon, and I'm doing a brief talk on Jim Butcher's books.

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My dream last night? House, Cuddy, and the Mary Sue vs. Zombies. Sometimes, the world reminds you just how full of awesome it can be. Another reminder is this Mal/Simon fanfid to "Gay Bar." Not quite as awesome as the truly glorious Bush and Blair Gay Bar vid, but still hilarious.

So, the plot of my dream?
House (minus the limp), Cuddy, and the MS were playing ping pong, and then they realized that they were playing in a makeshift morgue where a lot of bodies were being stored. These bodies had died of some form or intense radiation or perhaps a highly contagious, disfiguring virus. Then the bodies started glowing red and moving around, so the three tried to escape. All the door exits were sealed, so they jumped into a convenient dumbwaiter, which went down at least 50 floors. They ended up in a cozy den-like room, and after they checked it was zombie-free, they took a nap. They woke up to knocking at the door, which turned out to be the MS's parents. They gathered up their previously nonexistent bedrolls and changed clothes. The MS donned my DMD "Norm as Mr. T" shirt.

All seemed okay until they discovered MS's parents were zombie spies and were taking them to this big zombie warehouse. MS was taken captive, but House and Cuddy escaped. But then Cuddy, clearly under the influence of some dark zombie compulsion, walked straight into an ornamental pond and never resurfaced. House was still being chased, so he couldn't stop to try to save Cuddy. He managed to evade his captors and leave the zombie-controlled compound, and he started down the unfamiliar country road outside in search of a safe place. But inevitably, a couple hundred feet down the road, he ran into a zombie jogger, and I woke up.

In other news, I am Logic Lady! Leaping to tall conclusions with a single inference! Of course, I'm not sure how credible this test result is in the face of my dream last night, but oh well. :D

You Are Incredibly Logical

Move over Spock - you're the new master of logic
You think rationally, clearly, and quickly.
A seasoned problem solver, your mind is like a computer!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Renata linked me to this conversation between Stephin Merritt and Lemony Snicket, and also this interview with Tori Amos. Bwee, Tori is a Doctor Who fan! *brain explodes*

And even more brilliant, the best Harry Potter-inspired song since "Hedwig's Theme Rocked Out": Hey, It's Can(n)on. Inspired by the revelation that Hermione's birthday is also Talk Like a Pirate Day. Go listen now, it's hilarious! Thanks to Moony for the tip.

And if it's still up by the time you see this link, check out Weird Al's hilarious music video for "White and Nerdy."

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What ho! Read on, them's that be not illiterate: Psych be cleared for a Season 2!

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Yo ho, me salty sea dogs! Today be "Talk Like a Pirate Day"! Go ye here for all yer pirate-speaking needs.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

I think an amusing yet esoteric slogan for a shirt would be "Harry Whittington Shot First." I also think a great name for a dessert at a politically-charged event would be "Heckuva Job" Brownies.

I am a terrible person.

(Another great shirt would be "All I need to know about sex I learned from", inspired by a recent entry in Renata's blog)

P.S. Renata = HOTT. With two Ts, as is customary.

Priscilla said at 5:41 PM


They kept me for 2 1/2 hours. During that time, I was swabbed, stabbed repeatedly, and asked to urinate. I have a slight fever (99.0), but I definitely don't have strep, anemia, or low blood sugar, and they dismissed the e-coli theory. I'll find out about the mono test Wednesday. They also gave me an antibiotic cream to put on my infected ear.

In the meantime, I admire the fashionable band-aids on my three stuck fingers and my inner arm. The nurses had just gotten in some new finger pricking devices and a new Rapid Mono test (which they were using alongside the conventional Mono blood test to see if they were accurate enough for general use), and I got to be the first guinea pig for them both. For the first fingerstick, the nurse didn't stick me hard enough, and by the time she was ready for the second test, she wasn't able to get enough blood. Then there came finger stick #2. Then I sat around and waited for the results of those tests, and when they came up negative, they had to test me for mono. Finger stick #3, and also vein blood draw. Of course, because the Rapid Mono test was so new, the nurses ended up going through three of them on me because they were never sure if they had enough blood. Eventually, rather than prick a fourth finger, they dripped some of the blood they drew from the vein on the tester. And it turns out none of them even worked. The poor nurses were so sweet about it and kept apologizing, and I laughed along with them to let them know I didn't blame them and there were no hard feelings.

On the upside, the strange and interesting new plant in the nurse's office is looking significantly bigger and more robust than when I first came in.

I'm feeling or or less fine now, barring a sore throat, a light cough, and a runny nose. I bought enough Vitamin C drops and supplements to keep the entire cast of Pirates of the Caribbean antiscurvylicious for at least a decade. Now we just have to get Ko well again, so she doesn't give me anything else! *hearts*

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I'm feeling significantly better this morning. I guess 11 hours of sleep often has that effect. I feel like my throat has been blasted with sandpaper and I'm subsequently popping cough drops like House pops Vicodin, but at least I'm not all pale and pukey anymore. *knocks on wood*

I'd already told my Math TA that I probably wouldn't be going to recitation this morning, so I going to go to a recitation on Wednesday and to Student Health this morning. I want to make sure there's nothing more sinister at work. Last night was not something I'd like to repeat.

Edit: Made an appointment for 10:15! And just about time, too. My stomach is starting to bother me again.

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ko and I are both sick. I feel like death warmed over. Except how I often get the chills, so maybe I feel like leftover death in the refridgerator. In cheap tupperware. I spent most of the day feeling achy and like my body was full of gunk, as though my body needed a metaphorical oil change. I took a three-hour nap, and I woke up feeling worse. I tried to eat a few spoonfuls of chicken soup, but that just made me feel nauseated.

And now, even the most basic exertions leave me feeling faint. I was pretty sure I wouldn't be attending tomorrow's math recitation, so I went to drop off my homework at my partner's room. I walked down a short hall, got in the elevator, walked down another short hall, and then back, and I wasn't sure I was going to make it. I thought I was going to at best throw up, and at worst faint. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I was sheet white. Even my lips were white. My differential self-diagnosis included albinism.

Please send healthful vibes my way. If I die, Renata gets my action figures. I insist that the Dead Parrot sketch be read at my funeral.

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Finished Math! *accepts world on shiny silver platter* My world kind of feels like this right now.

Doing a quick skim of LJ, I came across this gem, a Doctor/Rose Fanvid to "My Heart Will Go On". I cannot breathe for laughing. Oh, the sheer CHEESE of it!

And speaking about songs, wasn't there some ditty about how this could never happen (at all)?

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Time for a random update!

I finished the first 2/5 of my math homework, now five sections instead of three! I should compose a song about it, to the tune of "I got a jar of di-irt."

*does a jig*

Last night I attended a staged version of John Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany. The first act was excellent, but the second act was atrocious and easily three times the length it needed to be. Ah well. I understand it's still being workshopped, so hopefully they'll fix some of the more glaring problems. Tonight, I saw Aaron and pals in Much Ado About Nothing, which was hilarious and awesome. Three cheers (and lots of revelry) for all involved!

Now tallying 16 days without my stuff, CollegeBoxes remains useless, and I am now being told that someone will get in touch with me early next week. Wow, that sure is helpful, especially seeing as I got the "We'll call you in the next 48 hours" line last Tuesday, and I had to call them.

And back to the grindstone for me.


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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Whee, we've got cover art! White Night, ninth novel of the Dresden Files. Will it deal with the White Court? The White Council? The Knights of the Cross, given Butcher's predilection for puns? How would you know, only like four people that read my blog have read the series! And that's gotta change. *eyes you significantly and directs you to the first book in the series*

Anyway, I've got my hands on Lemony Snicket's The Beatrice Letters, the fifth Artemis Fowl book, and the remaining trades of the graphic novel series Fables. So much awesome to balance with so much reading required for my Feminist Fairytales class. Which is awesome as well, but nevertheless very abundant. Coupled with Calc, this semester seems like it's going to be a lot more time-intensive than previous semesters.

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Apparently my Calc III professor decided we didn't have quite enough due on Monday and added an additional two sections. WTF???????

Also, *definitely* setting CollegeBoxes on fire.


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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Why am I the only person that speaks up in my Calculus III class? I can't be the only one that has questions. The professor called me "observant," though. Not bad for my first day of that class.

Anyway, tonight I and a partner spent four hours working on problems for a FRACTION of our math assignment. We did about two-thirds of set 8.2, and we have to do sets 8.1 and 8.3 for Monday as well. I'm going to love this class, I can tell.

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So apparently CollegeBoxes' records say that they delivered my stuff yesterday. That's interesting.


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Monday, September 11, 2006

It was about 9AM, Central. My first period class, Digital Photography, was wrapping up. It was held in the Upper School computer lab, a fairly popular spot during breaks. Nearly everyone in the class had left when I heard whisperings around the lab. "Passenger planes" and "World Trade Center". I went to CNN's website and goggled uncomprehendingly at the horrific headline, but when I clicked on it, CNN's server had crashed. I kept pressing "reload" every few seconds, and finally the front page was replaced with a basic, no-graphics interface that would withstand the strain of hundreds of millions of people all frantically trying to understand what had happened.

A voice on the loudspeaker told us to go to our homerooms and called the advisors to a meeting. United with my friends, we shared worries over friends and family that lived in New York, and I started crying when I remembered that it was my Aunt Nancy's first day as a delegate at the United Nations, and what if there was a fifth plane, like all the people on TV and the radio and the news websites were suggesting, and what if the UN was their target?

Dr. Magee, the Upper School Headmistress, called us to a meeting. The Middle School would take the auditorium after us. I don't know what they told the Lower School, if anything. She told us what we already knew, and then she said that school would continue as scheduled, but students would not be penalized if they felt they needed to be at home. After she spoke, the presidents of various clubs stood up and stated that they wouldn't be meeting that day. After four or five of these announcements, Caroline stood up a bit sheepishly and said that the JETS meeting was still on, for anyone that wanted to be there.

My next class was Multimedia Engineering. No one felt like learning anything, so we helped Mr. Taylor and Mr. Loh reassemble the junked TV and built an antenna for it. The phosphors in the screen were all messed up from demonstrations involving magnets, and the reception was awful, but we managed to get CBS with a minimum of snow. We watched the same footage and the same stunned news anchors saying the same thing over and over for the full hour and a half.

I don't really remember what the afternoon was like. I remember that when I got home, I remained glued to the TV for hours, until I finally got fed up with the anchors' lack of anything new to say.

It was surreal. Everything was so distant. The day was sunny in Dallas. No noxious clouds of smoke and dust hovered over our landscape. After I confirmed that Nancy and Becca and Aunt Phyllis were safe, I was at a loss to think of anyone I knew personally that could have been in the way of the attacks. All the camp friends and online friends I could think of that lived in New York didn't live in the city, and I couldn't think of anyone I knew in Washington. So who were all these people that were dead and dying and mourning their loved ones and struggling to reconnect with family and friends? Who were the near-misses that deviated slightly from their everyday routine that morning, which ended up saving their lives? Who were the people that watched the towers fall in person, when I just saw it on TV?

I don't really know what else to say. My account seems trifling and insignificant compared to the recollections of the people that were actually there. And tomorrow, I will return to my regular brand of criticism and mockery of the administration and other stupid people in power, but I will never forget to give thanks that I live in a country that allows such criticism. I live in a country with such extraordinary freedoms that we can actually find ourselves taking them for granted. I can write in my weblog that Senator So-And-So is a moron and not be shut down or arrested by the secret police. I can plaster my door with liberal slogans without fear of attracting the wrong attention. I can attend a rally for Dean or Kerry as easily as I can attend a shindig. I can go outside wearing whatever I want and not be expected to follow a rigid dress code. I have the ability to practice any religion that speaks to me, or practice no religion at all. I can attend University and learn freely, unencumbered by censorship of information. I can join the work force, unconfined to the home. And in the film industry, I will retain that freedom to express an opinion, political or otherwise.

We have so much freedom, woven into the very fabric of our country and our being. We may complain about not being able to carry liquids on to flights, but it's trifling compared to what we can do. And they can't take that away from us.

Everyone's Gods--be they Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, Vishnu, or an Outmoded Belief System on a Crutch--Bless America.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

To thank us for showing off our room to prospies during Penn Previews last year, housing gave Ko and me each four coupons for free pints of Ben & Jerry's. Now that's just cruel. My hips hate you, Student Housing, but next week will be That Time of the Month, and I expect I may change my tune. Still, I think I gained ten pounds just thinking about it. XD

My first round of DVDs from Netflix arrived last night, and I watched the first disc of Sports Night. Oh, Aaron Sorkin! The one thing that really bothered me was the laugh track. Laugh tracks make jokes less funny for me. Though this distraction does not prevent me from wanting to wrap Jeremy into a tiny little ball and carry him around in my heart. Also, Ko and I have decided that if Nathan Fillion and David Tennant had a love child, it might resemble Casey.

Then we watched the pilot of Studio 60, which looked like all kinds of fun!

Speaking further of TV, it's looks likely that The Dresden Files might be taking over Stargate's old spot, 9 EST on Fridays. *does the Sci-Fi Friday dance* And if that's true, unless USA changes its schedule, it won't conflict with Psych! I'd reiterate my tired "blonde cop named Karen that consults a private eye with supernatural abilities" joke, but I remind myself that in the TV version, it's a brunette cop named Connie. Stupid real-life Chicago PD for actually having an employee named "Karyn Murphy." XD

Browncoats! (I originally typed "Browncats!") Tell Universal "THANK YOU!" for the Big Damn Movie.

DanRad on Extras. It's so cute to see him trying so desperately to distance himself from Harry Potter. :D

A Montage of Gay Moments on The Daily Show

Non-Liquid Toiletries for your carry-on needs

From Renata: Giant Octopus Battles Shark

Here's something appalling and twisted, and here's something that gives me a small measure of hope.

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Friday, September 08, 2006

CollegeBoxes claims to have found my stuff, but they also claimed that I would receive it before 5:30 yesterday evening. Still no word.


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"When two angels from God almighty appeared one night in human form at Lot's house in old Sodom told Lot that he should gather his family and get out of Sodom immediately because God had determined to destroy Sodom with fire and brimstone the next morning, they thought it was just more of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's brand of comic mockery! So strong and pervasive was the satanic spirit of mockery. Hear these words, America, and weep for your sodomite sins!"

I hereby nominate Fred Phelps for "Most Unintentionally Hilarious Total Asshat on the Planet."

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

The less said about yesterday, the better. It certainly wasn't a bad day, but it was just peppered by a series of tiny disappointments, mitigated with enough happy that I don't feel justified in complaining, but which still really bug me.

CollegeBoxes is giving me the distinct impression that they're never going to find my stuff. It isn't dire, as practically everything I have identified as missing is replaceable, except for the Paul Kidby "Discworld Family Values" poster, autographed by Pterry himself. I'll just have to hope he comes back through Philly to promote Unseen Academicals or whatever comes next, as it's definitely not on the list for the Wintersmith tour.

My Physics professor, for some inexplicable reason, rescheduled our final exam for two hours after I was supposed to fly home for Christmas. I hope I can find a flight to replace it.

The Digital Figure Modeling class was cancelled, so I can't do my Independent Study. I'll try again in the Spring.

Looking over my CPG for something to replace said Independent Study, I realized that I'm still missing a Math elective, whereas I thought last semester would be my last Math class. Joy.

Though on the bright side, I won a promo code to download the Heroes pilot, and I just heard about Pan's Labyrinth, which looks totally awesome. And my booxes of books finally arrived, plus two of my course books from Amazon, which is being unusually slow for some reason.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'm saving this for that distant day when I can't help but feel joy at the goodness of humanity, in order to remind myself that people are on crack. Ganked from Kait, A mini!Rent/TDS/TCR crossover. Tears of mirth, people. This is that special, rare kind of fic that is so WTF it must be read.

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Playing anagram games with a friend online last night, I saw that an anagram of my own name is "Cripples in clears!" Clearly, this means that House will no longer be in critical condition from his gunshot wounds in tonight's episode. The cripple is in the clear! XD

*does the House season premiere dance*

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Monday, September 04, 2006

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Ko cooked for her advisees and a bunch of friends last night. HUZZAH! A splendid time was had by all. To prepare, I made my room look as decorated as possible with only my two Sandman images (the third being broken) and my Hero lobby cards, as my poster tube is still MIA. I tacked up our tapestry-drape thing on the other wall so it wouldn't look so bare. Then Ko and I cut out the "used" images from my Discworld calendar and used them to cover the closet doors, formerly our "Get Fuzzy" wall. Then as Ko chopped several thousand pounds of vegetables, I decorated the kitchen with pictures of peppers and of those veggies cut up to look like animals, taken from a mini-calendar. We had restored the Door of Liberalism at at earlier date.

In the end, we devoured almost all of the enchiladas and beans, but only half the pico de gallo. Here, Ko sheepishly brandishes the remains. Food for us the next few days is going to be like the days following Thanksgiving and Christmas, where every meal includes some form of turkey.

Oh, and check out the most godawful eyesore in Philadelphia, now blemishing the view of the city from our dorm room window. How they got zoning rights for those paint colors in a city of bricks and whites and beiges is beyond me. How anyone not colorblind could approve such a scheme boggles the mind. How anyone with that color taste could become an architect without being shot by his professor to spare the world from future trauma, the world may never know.

Breakfast today was a Mexican Omelette, made from our ridiculous overabundance of leftover pico de gallo and a bit of feta, which is not Mexican but the only cheese I had on hand. Yummy! For lunch, I made a Mango Lassi to go with leftover pad thai. I used honey instead of sugar, and result is delicious! Though next time, I'll use a bit less yogurt.

(Yes, I'm going to subject you to my culinary exploits for the forseeable future. Deal with it. Think of me as Jane Espenson, except without any of the wisdom, writerly talent, or industry savvy.)

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I couldn't imagine him going out any other way, but still. Oh my God.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

I deserve some kind of award for Stupid. I've been racking my brains as to why my ink cartridges aren't working in my printer, and I just realized I got the wrong ones. I was using cartridges I got for my old printer, which died a year ago. Here I was thinking the printer must have been subjected to heat, and something must have gotten warped.

Now I just have to figure out what stupid thing I'm overlooking could be preventing my DVD player from working.

Ooh! But I bought a blender today, so I can make smoothies! I have strawberries and bananas and blueberries and mango and honey. And I have plain yogurt, so I can make a Mango Lassi. Mmm, Mango Lassi.

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O MY HART, SHE IS SHATTERED. It turns out Tony Robinson will not be playing Nobby in Hogfather, as I had previously believed. That role goes to Nicholas Tennant. Robinson will be playing Vernon Crumley, owner of the toy store.

And totally unrelated: This is wonderful news and a true scientific breakthrough that will save countless lives, but does it remind anyone else of Gattaca?

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Tonight's revelation: Fry and Laurie as Colon and Vimes.

If I were Supreme Exhalted Ruler of the World, my first executive order would be to make that happen. Only then would I move on to things like universal health care and the establishment of "Pie for Everyone Day." I would make an excellent Supreme Exhalted Ruler of the World. Unless you didn't like pie, in which case you would be downgraded from "Citizen" status to "Morlock."

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The Heroes pilot was supposed to to up on iTunes yesterday, yet I can't find it anywhere. Has anyone else had any luck?


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Spinach, tomato, feta, and onion omelette. I didn't quite time it right, so the spinach isn't quite wilted enough and the onions aren't clear enough, but it's still delicious! I believe a "W00t W00t!" is traditional at this juncture.

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Friday, September 01, 2006

The Illustionist is getting great reviews, as it well should. Go see it if it's playing in your area! Gorgeous cinematography, an intriguing story, a superb cast, and an excellent score by Phillip Glass. I think I'm going to gather up a group of friends and see it again...

Priscilla said at 1:39 PM


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