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Saturday, September 30, 2006

PhauxCon was FABULOUS. I love these women! Sleep calls to me now, but expect a big entry in the next few days.

In the meantime, highlights include:
  • Denny kicking butt and taking names
  • Sadbhyl totally blowing my mind as far as The Dresden Files is concerned. Can I borrow a time-turner and/or TARDIS so I can reread the entire series without dipping into the time needed for homework?
  • The most gentle crashing and burning of my panel anyone could imagine.
  • Me trying Bailey's Irish Creme and liking it, marking the first time I've ever not detested the taste of alcohol.
  • Hearing about the totally awesome projects my fellow attendees are planning. And I sincerely hope Xi wasn't joking about the "bunch of sex" PhauxCon ficathon. Dude, I can't write fic and I've never had sex, and I still want to participate.
  • A Dutch bakery!

Priscilla said at 11:22 PM

I learned last year that the Irish are responsible for my future liver damage.
If you like Baileys, seek out the caramel variety. Seriously. It is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.
mmm, baileys! i've only had it a couple times--and actually i think it was always a cheaper brand, not really baileys--but, yes, yummy. and mmm, dutch baked goods.

also, "bunch of sex" is the theme of like 50% of all ficathons, so far as i can tell.
how cute are you? glad you had a good time and I'm book marking your blog. love the look and the etnire thing and am thrilled you had a good time at phauxcon. (motherly advice, don't enjoy that evil Bailey's too much. that's where I started and you saw how much I can pour down:). I'm still off to watch your project, but just had to check this out and say hi and yes, Xio will be doing that fic thing. It's going to become a must-do fini to each and every phauxcon!
whew. sounds crazyfunbusy. glad that you're feeling better and doing zany things (drinkin'!)
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