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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today's Happy Things:
  1. The crazy hair I spoke of yesterday is ridiculously frustrating to work with, but it looks great. And I work left at 7 again today! Ditto yesterday. Life is good.
  2. I watched Brazil for the first time. Fantastic! For someone who claims to enjoy Terry Gilliam so much, I've seen shockingly few of his movies. Matt showed me The Fisher King a couple months ago, and it's one of my favourite movies I've seen recently. Next, I shall Netflix Twelve Monkeys, which I've never seen, and Baron Munchausen, which I saw when I was ikkle and wee. My dad did an excellent job introducing me to the classics as a child. :D
  3. I coordinated travel plans with Sue and Shecky. They invited me to gaming night at their place on Friday!
  4. I read more of the Locke Lamora sequel, which continues to be awesome.
  5. I tried to play with Ko's gerbils, but they remain terrified of me. Even a yogurt treat couldn't buy their love! They're still ridiculously adorable, though. I'm enjoying the chance to take care of them this week.


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