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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A number of my friends are participating in the Happiness Meme, and I decided I should, too! It's simple: Post about something that made you happy today, then rinse and repeat for eight days. I'm a very happy person, so I'm going to challenge myself to five original happy things per day.
  1. Lunch in Bryant Park. The boss let us go out for lunch today, so I snagged food from a street vendor and found a table on the grass with a few coworkers. As I ate, I took my shoes off and luxuriated in the feel of the grass between my toes, then afterward, I lay down on the grass and basked in the sun. Mmm, Vitamin D!

  2. Jim Butcher validated my one-sided, unrequited Hendricks/Gard crackship! Well, evidence was already there in canon for those that wanted to see it, but it's nice to see it reinforced.

  3. Really fantastic Amazon customer reviews a coworker just sent me: Three Wolf Moon Shirt and Tuscan Whole Milk. I love the internet.

  4. The fact that my smoke detector has only gone off once since I cleaned my oven on Saturday. It used to happen nearly every time I cooked anything.

  5. The satisfaction in banning an obnoxious forum troll.
Runner up: Gorgeous Doctor Who fanart.

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Priscilla said at 6:48 PM

hooray, happiness!
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