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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kat and I slept over at Sarah's house yesterday, computerless, then we and El spent all day at the Spotsylvania Renaissance Faire! Therefore, I was unable to post yesterday's Happy Things until now. Here we go:
  1. Kat and I slept in until noon. NOON, you guys. I haven't slept in until noon since... oh, man. I can't remember the last time I slept in until noon. I think it's been over a year. Well, maybe that time I was really sick, but other than that? Wow.
  2. Discussing that awesome New York Times story about a soldier fighting the Taliban in pink "I <3 NY" boxers with Kat's mom. Conclusion: America is awesome.
  3. Perfect pancakes. Apparently I am like some kind of pancakes genius, because I made a heaping helping of perfectly round, perfectly cooked pancakes for Kat, her brother, and myself. Kat decorated hers with a perfect smiley face of honey. It was glorious.
  4. Kat and Sarah introducing me to the cheesetastic Queen of Swords, and Sarah and myself introducing Kat to the brilliant-tastic Lie to Me.
  5. Making a dragon cake with Kat and Sarah! Sarah's birthday was the 22nd, my half birthday was today, and Kat's birthday is the 24th. We are crafty liek woah. I added a marshmallow victim, because I am weird.
And today's:
  1. Deciding at the last minute to piece together an outfit from some of Kat, Sarah, and El's extra Ren faire clothes, instead of wearing my little sun dress. I felt so much more involved in the festivities! Also, corsets are always entertaining.
  2. Plotting out an utterly cracktastic Dresden high school AU RP in the car involving a baby chlorofiend, sibling rivalry, and a crossover with Highlander. I played a Thomas seemingly incapable of not speaking in double entendres. I love my friends.
  3. Trying on utterly amazing corsets! Mine was so tight I had difficulty breathing and had to bail early, but it looked fantastic while it lasted! Behold my lack of internal organs: from the front and the side. Also bask in the hotness of Kat and Sarah! I didn't get any good photos of El, alas, but she looked brilliant.
  4. Singing out loud in the car with Kat and El as we drove El home, then back to Kat's place. Lots of Vienna Teng and Spring Awakening!
  5. Then all the little things of awesome I couldn't hope to choose between: fresh strawberry lemonade at faire, snazzy gold chignon spike things we all got and which look awesome, dabbling in archery (in which I got a bull's eye my first shot), participating in the costume contest and pulling off a to-the-floor curtsy without falling over, perfect weather (glorious sun with tolerable levels of heat), Kat discovering pointy objects, failing gloriously at juggling sticks, and being greeted by Kat's brother to the Imperial March on harmonica.
And above all: the fact that this weekend is only half-over!


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