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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Things for Sunday:
  1. I slept almost twelve hours. Tweeeeeeelve hoooooooours. I didn't even wake up briefly at 7:30, like I usually do by dint of sheer biological programming! My body is truly grateful. I could get used to this four-day weekend thing!
  2. Kat's birthday! We ate more dragon cake and made my increasingly famous Apple and Gruyere Pie. Mmmmm, pie.
  3. Commentary: The Musical!
  5. Kat and I stayed awake nearly an hour after we turned off the lights, giggling like loons.

Happy Things for Monday:
  1. Had a sliver of pie to complement breakfast. Don't judge.
  2. Went over idea bunnies for original and fanfic stories. Feel motivated and full of story-juice!
  3. Watched Death at a Funeral with Kat. Alan Tudyk fills the world with joy! Hallucinating, naked Alan Tudyk even moreso.
  4. Hugged Kat approximately every ten seconds, to compensate for unendurable wait for our reunion July 16th.
  5. Using Kat's new iPod radio adapter (a birthday gift from her dad), we listened to the playlist for a fic I'm writing. Kat quizzed me on how each of the songs related to the story, which was quite entertaining. I had it on shuffle, and it kept coming up with Vienna Teng songs. I swear, there are only ten songs by her in the 62-song mix!

Happy Things for Tuesday:
  1. Dreamed I went out to a karaoke bar with Bruce Campbell and Alan Cumming! We were later joined by Edward James Olmos and a random girl in an Utena costume. Heidi twittered about it from afar. No, I have no idea either. It was a good way to start the week, though!
  2. Woke to a new chapter of First Lord's Fury on the beta list. Jim is rocking this book!
  3. Got a new set of storyboards for a series of spots so absurdly ridiculous, they make me want to buy the product even though I've used it before and don't like it! Utterly cracktastic!
  4. Said spots involved modeling long, luxurious hair on a dude. The jokes were many!
  5. Went to a marriage equality rally after work. Incipient rain forced me indoors after only about 30 minutes, but I still got to hear some strong speeches and lend my voice to the crowd.


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