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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blarg. I got knocked off my feet on the subway this evening, and I fell backwards across a row of people, with most of the impact getting absorbed by a dolly cart to the kidney and a briefcase to the butt. Every so often, said butt muscle will twinge. Inertia, you're on notice.

Happy Things:
  1. Fantastic, sitcom-worthy banter with my coworkers today!
  2. The Continuing Saga of the Hair continues apace. I finagled the model into crashing far less often with some very effective problem solving, so go me! Then, to compensate for the high-poly drama of the hair, Chris gave me a ridiculously low-poly, cartoony character to model. Thank you, Chris!
  3. My dad surprised me with a book on the natural history of Manhattan. Coolness!
  4. I'm re-setting up my utilities, now that everything has been shifted from joint accounts with my roommate to being solely under my name. Tonight, while verifying some information about my electric bill, I was reminded that for the past year and a half, my roommate and I have used all Green sources of energy. I'd forgotten! It's nice to be reminded that I've been putting my money where my mouth is in contributing to The Solution instead of The Problem.
  5. I was reminded of these hilarious entries on TV Tropes, fabricating massive shipwars within the Dresden fandom. It's kind of cute, really. And This Troper was serious about her offer to send cookies to the first person to write delightfully self-aware Pink Court fic.


Priscilla said at 11:04 PM

Ah, but where's the side in the fabricated shipwar for those seeing the obvious answer in shipping Murphy/Luccio and Susan/Elaine?
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