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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oooh! I accidentally bought the sweetened chocolate almond milk instead of the unsweetened! I like cutting down on sugar whenever possible, and the unsweetened is tasty enough, so the choice is obvious. But I do *prefer* the taste of the sweetened, so that was a pleasant surprise!

(Yes, this is the kind of drivel I'm compelled to share with others. Aren't you glad you kept poking me to take blogging back up, Ko and Chungy? :D)

For Jo, and anyone else that was curious: The bizarre antiques store I visited yesterday was Billy's Antiques, located at 76 E Houston.

For everyone not mentioned above, I shall legitimize this entry with cover art for the upcoming Middleman DVD (Fighting evil that distorts perspective and makes the heroes look like they're on completely different ground planes, so you don't have to!) and Really Geeky Political Cartoons.

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Priscilla said at 6:45 PM

Yay for blogging! Sorry I commented so late :D
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