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Thursday, May 08, 2008

So! Flight of the Conchords!

(For my parents and for any fools people who haven't seen them yet, watch the following: The Humans Are Dead (Live), Business Time (Live), Bret, You've Got It Going On, The Sello Tape of Love, and Albi the Racist Dragon to get a feeling of who these guys are. Then rent/buy Season One of the TV show and laugh until you cry.)

My seat was pretty good, especially considering that tickets sold out in like twelve minutes and I logged on five minutes after they went on sale. I was smack-dab in the center, about three-quarters of the way back on the balcony. Nice! Or at least, it was nice until Hagrid's big brother sat down in front of me. I was practically sitting in the lap of the person next to me, to see around him.

The show was fabulous! They played all of my favourite songs, with the exception of "Bret You Got It Goin' On," plus several hilarious new ones. I feel like there were three, but I can only remember two: one featuring a chorus of Jemaine's ex-girlfriends, complaining about what an awful boyfriend he is to some girl he's just met, and the other an uproariously funny list of "freaky" kinks.

The only downside was the sheer number of jerks in the crowd. People were really, really obnoxious about shouting out song requests, especially this one girl in the front of the balcony, who kept shouting things at the guys for the sake of getting attention. After Jemaine politely shushed her the fifth or sixth time, she contented herself with merely standing up periodically and dancing to the music--I think she was drunk, actually. I'm surprised she wasn't muscled out by the security folks twenty minutes into the show.

As for the after-show... I think my parents named the wrong daughter "Melissa," because I really felt I should be answering to "Mel." :D I did the "wait outside the stage door for an hour" thing, befriending three other Conchord fans in the process. I noticed early on that--much to my chagrin--I accidentally left my camera battery in the charger, so I used the dinky camera in my iPhone (hence the shakiness of the photo of Bret) and relied on one of my new friends, who had brought a camera. Hopefully, she'll send me the photos in the next few days!

When the boys finally came out, they were obviously exhausted, but they still stayed outside long enough to ensure that they'd signed stuff for or taken pictures with everyone that wanted it. And there were like 40 people! Pure class.

Altogether, not a bad way to spend a Wednesday evening. :D


Priscilla said at 11:22 AM

Sounds like a great show! I'm so jealous. Wish I could've gotten a ticket. Hope they played 'Sello Tape of Love', one of my favorites.
It was a good evening! Sorry about the drunk chick man, I hate it when that happens. But I must say that was a good meeting after. I will e-mail you soon!
Just watched the first 2...absolutely hilarilous!!!
I'll watch the others later. Really delightful and clever!
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