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Friday, April 18, 2008

Awesome story:

Tonight kicked off New York Comic Con, and I dressed in my awesome Delirium costume. Expected to see a dozen goth chicks dressed as Death at the Neil Gaiman event, but to my surprise, I was the only cosplayer, as far as I'm aware! I had a lot of people ask me for photos, but the true awesomeness came later.

At the beginning of the Neil Gaiman thing, the people in the first three rows got paper and a pencil, and they all had the opportunity to write a question for Neil. After he read a few fabulous short stories aloud, he left the room briefly to peruse the questions and figure out which he wanted to answer and in what order.

He returned to the room and did the usual Q&A, but about halfway through came the question "The girl dressed as Delirium in row 6 is really cute. Can you get her number for me?" I laughed along with the audience, then Neil asked the person to stand up. The guy looked kind of cute, and I admired his courage, so I gave it to him, to a round of applause from the audience.

The next question: "What's the weirdest question you've ever been asked?" Neil: "I think it was that one."

And special bonus awesome: At the end, as we were all leaving, a guy asked me, "Hey, are you Priscilla from the Butcher Block?" He remembered me mentioning offhandedly on the podcast that I was going to be dressed as Delirium at NYCC! MADNESS. THE WORLD IS TINY. (AND I AM ITS QUEEN)

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Priscilla said at 10:54 PM

oh dear God! I thought that something was wrong in this world if you hadn't been asked for your number yet IN NY! All is well! yes!
That's a pretty great story!!
That is awesome! Man, I want to use my nerdiness to make me popular too. I must be doing it wrong. =)
that is sort of the BEST story ever! has he called? haha

p.s. thanks for your luck! my interview went really well and they invited me back for another one! YAY!
oh by the way, you must email me and tell me how the date/call went.
AWESOME. Pictures, please? Of costume OR of boy, I'm not picky. :D Also, I'm going to be in NYC in three weeks, (May 9-11) and we should have dinner.
omg cutest everrrr! so famous. yay!

also let us know if the boy calls you :)
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