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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yes, children, Buffy in class! Yesterday we were talking about sound and innovative uses therof. Then Professor Corrigan admitted, "One of my favourite examples is really going to date me... who here is a fan of Buffy?"

I and about five other people raised a hand, but no one took the hint, as we assumed he was going to share said example himself. When he looked about to give up on us, I raised my hand again, and asked "Are you going to talk about Hush or The Body?". (For the non-Buffy fans in my readership, The Body uses only diegetic sound--no music, no VO, etc., just the sound that naturally exists in the scene. Hush is the episode where everyone's voice is taken away by demons. It's all about communication, and it makes very innovative use of silence.)

Professor Corrigan beamed. "Hush, of course! Care to explain?"

I did so, and all was merry.

Then when we were talking about where musicals fit in the whole diegetic/non-diegetic thing, one kid piped up with, "You know, there's a Buffy musical, too." Professor Corrigan said yes, he knew, and he (jokingly?) said was toying with the idea of one day teaching a cinema studies class entirely on Buffy. I'd take it! (Actually, I could probably T.A. it.)

And there was much rejoicing. Even though I'll be long gone if he ever decides to teach it. Ah well. Now go watch the new Torchwood teasers! #1, #2, and #3.

And Renata: Joss was story editor on Roseanne from 1989-1990. The Buffy movie didn't come around until 1992, and the TV show started in 1997. Everyone has to start somewhere. :D

Priscilla said at 8:40 PM

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