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Friday, October 27, 2006

Wow. Clearly, my subconscious is trying to tell me something. I was getting dressed for a 9-freaking-AM review session for Monday's computer science midterm, but without realizing it, instead of normal clothes, I just put on a different pair of pajamas. Silly Cellie, no sleep for at least another week!

I hope The Prestige is still nearby when this Hell Fortnight is over. I've heard good things from various friends online. And how could I resist a movie that is written and directed by the guys who wrote Memento and has Hugh Jackman, David Bowie, Andy Serkis, Scarlett Johanssen, and the words "HARRY DRESDEN -- WIZARD" prominently Easter Egged on the act billing while Christian Bale's character is performing?

Anyway, I finished the first draft of the creative half of my Fairy Tales paper. Sure, my idea started out pretty dark, but I never predicted it would turn into something that might be pitched as "Cinderella stars in Kill Bill." I'm actually quite pleased with it, though I do think there is something deeply wrong with me. :D

Priscilla said at 8:06 AM

aww! i'm so guilty of that, i had to wake up at 7 for my saturday(!) labs and i would always show up in my pjs. love and sleep to you!
cinderalla meets kill bill? this i wanna see!
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