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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Last night's Colbert Report: What organ must I sell to obtain one of those "Mrs. Colbert" sashes? OH MY GOD that episode was on crack! Beautiful, beautiful crack. Also, Jane Fonda/Stephen Colbert OTP. Except NOT. Can I portmanteau the term "NOTP"? Can "portmanteau" be used as a verb? Probably not. Moving on.

Last night's Veronica Mars: Was it just me, or was the opening credits music a lot less awful than on the season premiere? And hahahaha, silly writers, don't they know that Kristen Bell + marijuana + a reference to being "starcrossed lovers" has already been done? Aww, Logan and Veronica are just like Romeo and Juliet! They're happy, young, and hemmoraging blood! Speaking of which, I need to get another of Renata's delicious brownies. It's yummy. It's the greatest brownie known to man! (Also, for female-related issues, Renata's brownie timing is impeccable. Mmm, chocolate.)

Other randomness:
THIS JUST IN! JON STEWART NOT ACTUALLY RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT! Thanks to Renata for the link. Clearly, some people don't have enough brains to fill an egg cup. But perhaps I've said too much? I must know my limits, after all.

Star's Blood Used To Make 'Saw III' Poster

Steph pointed me to the Nightmare Before Christmas Create Your Own Character Fan Art Contest. I am *so* entering! (And I still want to know how they converted existing 2D film to 3D! I watched the trailer, and it's definitely the same footage...)

Link from Will: October 11th Declared Final Fantasy Day. I have no words.

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