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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Amazon is being slow and stupid about my copy of My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding, so I stopped by the campus bookstore after Physics to read Jim's story. Mild spoilers follow.

There was some cheese, and at times it felt a bit ficcish (you can tell he's used to novel-length writing rather than short stories), but it was still a delight. Though with all the shameless Harry/Murphy, I was annoyed when I remembered that the story takes place *before* they have "the talk" in Proven Guilty. Ah well. My ship will out!

Anyway, three cheers for werewolf geeks in love! *raises glass of Orange Mango Nantucket Nectars to Billy and Georgia*

Nitpicky criticism: I refuse to believe it's possible Murphy and Bob had never met before. And while I usually adore Bob, he was a bit of a one-trick pony in this story, and his comments got old fast. Also, in a totally pathetic, why can't I be this observant in critical reading for homework kind of way, I was under the impression that Murphy's hair was too short to put in a ponytail. But then I'm basing her appearance on a line from a book that happens 5-6 years previous, so I'll shut up now.

Verdict: Butcher fans in need of a Dresden fix will do a dance of joy. People that have never picked up a Dresden book will wonder what all the fuss is about, because it totally lacks the sense of worldbuilding that makes me love the series so much. Solution? Everyone, go read the series!

And now? Cramming for the Physics midterm. Boooo, hiss!

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