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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

After six weeks, CollegeBoxes has given up the search for my boxes, and they're just sending me a check. ARRRRRGH! Kiss that Pterry-autographed Discworld Family Values poster goodbye. I hope he comes through Philly again before I leave. Does anyone know when Making Money is coming out? On the other hand, it's nice to finally get that sense of closure so I can just re-buy all the stuff they lost, and Ko and I won't have to deal with no telephones or pot lids or trash cans or shower curtains or measuring cups/spoons or my laundry hamper or my lampshade or my upright pillow etc etc etc.

Fortunately, most of the stuff is very replacable. It's just a matter of tracking everything down and buying new stuff. I'll stop by the bookstore and Radio Shack tomorrow when it isn't raining, and I'll try to find all the stuff I originally got at Bed Bath and Beyond on their website. What a hassle. The faint silver lining is that I get to pick out new posters! The old list: Serenity, Rent, Star Wars (Darth Vader "Who's Your Daddy?"), Hero, Lord of the Rings: TTT (with Merry and Pippin), Discworld Family Values, The Incredibles, and Moulin Rouge.

My Amelie and Corpse Bride mini-posters survived, as they were put in one of the boxes that made it, and I've already bought the Veronica Mars noir-style poster, and I'm thinking about one of those weird international Serenity posters to replace my dearly departed American one. Oh, eBay, sing to me your sweet siren song!


Priscilla said at 10:11 AM

You've got a very good attitude about it. So sorry that they couldn't find your baggage! I also hope they adequately reimburse you--Mum
Good for your good attitude, like your mum said. A real pity, but at least nothing too terribly treasured was lost.
:( sorry your stuff is actually lost! but hooray for... getting new stuff.

hey, i've actually been trying to get rid of some posters because i don't have enough wall space. i know i have some extra rent ones, and a lotr one. and... lion king the musical? and, mmm, a few others i think? say ze word and they're yours! ("they"=whichever ones you're interested in.) oh, and i have an extra neverwhere poster i've been meaning to send you for ages anyway.
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