Tarantallegra - Spell used by Malfoy during Dueling Club to make Harry dance

Tenebrus - Hagrid's favourite Thestral

Thestral - magical creature only visible to those who have seen someone die

Thickey, Janus - claimed to have been killed by a Lethifold, but soon discovered five miles away, living with the landlady of the Green Dragon. Also namesake of a wing at St. Mungo's.

Tom Marvolo Riddle - See "Riddle, Tom Marvolo (Jr.)"

Tonks, Andromeda Black - Sirius' favourite cousin, Nymphadora Tonks' mother

Tonks, Nymphadora - clumsy young Auror, a member of the Order of the Phoenix. A metamorphmagus.

Toujours Pur - Black family motto

Transmogrifian Torture - one of the curses Lockhart brags about

Trelawney, Cassandra - Sibyl Trelawney's great-great-grandmother, a celebrated Seer.

Trelawney, Sibyl Patricia - crackpot divination professor

Troll - Gigantic, fearsome, violent, and yet incredibly stupid creatures.

Troy - player on the Irish Quidditch team

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