You know what the only thing worse than a traumatic haircut is? Getting a traumatic haircut and having NO ONE SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT. This is the shortest my hair has been since INFANCY. Everyone I know FAILS. I don’t care if you haven’t seen me in two years, REMARK UPON MY SHORN SCALP!

The new trailer for Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is out! Unfortunately, it’s only available through AOL (at least, until the fans get a hold of it, rip the file, and make it available to the net in a dozen easily-downloadable formats). It didn’t work properly when I tried opening it in Firefox, but for some reason, I had no problem when I tried opening it with IE. That’s certainly a first.

My hair is starting to grow on me. And that sounds really funny if read in the wrong context. Because it lost so much of the length, it’s a lot lighter, so it holds curl better. Of course, this makes it look even shorter, but oh well. It looks healthier. I’ve actually been considering cutting my hair for a while now, and while I was still of the belief that I wouldn’t, maybe this is fate kicking me in the shins and saying “Stop whining!”

I think right now I just need to get over myself and sit back and let my hair grow. Feh.

Note to self: When getting dramatic haircut, don’t do it with a stylist you’ve never met. I wanted to get 4-5 inches off to even up the back and get rid of broken ends, but it looks like he hacked off more than 6. This is the shortest my hair has been in memory. I AM NO LONGER A MEMBER OF THE LHFCXDE. Plus, without asking me, he decided to cut my hair in a straight line across the back, so that it would be longer in the front. In the past, I’ve always done it the other way around. Coupled with Serenity trauma, this was not a good morning.

The afternoon, however, was fabulous. Mom gave me the go-ahead to get my new computer, and I keep going over the specs list and drooling. Dell Precision M70 Notebook with Windows XP Pro, 1 Gb RAM, 100 Gb hard drive, and 8x DVD+RW. The LCD is a 15.4″ widescreen WUXGA, and the laptop itself is only 7 pounds and 1.6″ thick. If you ever encounter a laptop sexier than that, I want it caught and shot now. And now, I have a week to decide on an appropriate name for it! *does a dance of joy*


Unarguably one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. (Can unarguably and inarguably be used interchangably?) Just amazing. I laughed, I cried (I sobbed for thirty minutes solid), I cheered wildly. And I don’t think anyone would consider it a spoiler if I praised Joss for keeping his promise and having no sound in space. I went in expecting a ramshackle musical score and a barrage of unfinished special effects shots, but the movie seemed polished to me. There were some timing (timering? Where you adjust color and light levels and stuff for printing the film.) issues in some shots, but aside from that, nothing jumped out at me as something that needed to be fixed. Though I bemoan having to wait until late September to see the movie again, I’m so glad that Joss got the extra time to perfect the film.

I won the costume contest for my Zoe outfit. It turned out that it was just the four of us and some random guy that came as Mal that dressed up at all. Well, there were a handful of Blue Sun shirts and the like, but no one else serious. My prize was an autographed copy of Finding Serenity, signed by Jane Espenson. I won another copy of the book in the trivia contest, but traded with Rachel, who had won the Joss Whedon biography, as I had purchased a copy of Finding Serenity when it first came out.

The trivia itself was embarassingly easy; Rachel won her prize for completing the phrase “two by two, ___”, and I got mine for naming Mal’s home planet. And here, when we found out about the trivia contest, Rachel and I were quizzing each other on stuff like “Where is Badger from?”, “Name as many hat-trick actors (and their roles) as you can” and my all-time favourite, “Which two characters are seen using sugar tongs during the course of the series?”

Anyway, I’ll post pictures tomorrow. I’m off to cry myself to sleep now.

ETA: Um, if anyone thinks I’m saying too much, let me know and I’ll edit this entry.

I am seeing Serenity in less than five hours. It does not compute. I’m already in my Zoe costume (did I mention I switched? I couldn’t find a proper jumpsuit for Kaylee), even though I won’t leave to pick up Marcelina for another hour.

Don’t worry, Cult of Lincoln will remain completely Serenity spoiler-free. I will squee and gush, certainly, but I will disclose no details, plot- or character-wise.

You know, more and more I keep thinking I should just switch to LiveJournal. The LJ-cuts alone would be worth it.

And hey, my half birthday was three days ago! Usually I’m more aware of stuff like that. My sister and I used to do all sorts of silly things for each other’s fractional birthdays, when we were ikkle. I remember her giving me three quarters on a particular three-quarter birthday.

Link grab bag!

From LifeHacker, via Friede. Murdered blogger’s post leads to killer.

From a Joss Whedon interview: “Shaun of The Dead. That’s the kind of movie that makes me want to make movies.” Shabooyeah.

OH MY GOD. Michelle Trachtenberg and Sean Maher starring in Lifetime’s “The Dive From Clausen’s Pier”. Dawn/Simon, EW EW EW IT HURTS MY BRAIN.

Umm, quick topic change. Tycho of Penny Arcade is among the golden few seeing Serenity tomorrow. Hopefully this should quell rumors of River being made out of chocolate.

Google Maps Apparently Show UFOs!

What do you mean, I forgot about Towel Day? Gah, I suck. I got all caught up in the rememberance of the People’s Republic of Treacle Mine Road and it slipped my mind.

Sooo, Lost season finale. First of all, EEEEEEEE, CHARLIE/CLAIRE OMG OTP LIEK WOAH. *coughs* Secondly, WHY IS EVERYONE A MORON?

Charlie: Stupid! Stupid stupid stupid!
Sayid: Jerk!
Kate: Darwin Awards candidate1. Why was she running around and jumping when she was under the impression she was wearing a backpack full of exceedingly tempermental dynamite?
Jack: Chauvanist! Why couldn’t you have given Kate the dynamite and saved us all a lot of irritation?
Professor Redshirt: Haw haw! That was the funniest example of spontaneous human combustion since Monty Python.
Sawyer: Looked like a dork with his hair pulled back. But boys that sing are awesome, so yay.
Hurley: Awww, I could never be upset at you! SO MUCH HURLEYLOVE.
Locke: Also great. BZZZT! *loves* But every so often, you did this creepy smile that made you look like you were going to molest someone. Stop doing that.
Claire: Not stupid, but please, get your priorities in order! You give him a peck on the cheek for making you a Dutch baby carrier, but only a hug when he saves your infant son from a psychopathic French woman intent on trading said son to a bunch of murdering savages? The boy deserves mad smoochies. Make him forget all about the Smackfarthing!

And I was exceptionally cross at Sayid, as he made me–for the briefest of instants–think that Sayid/Shannon was sweet. But then the camera went back to her and I was like “oh.” You don’t just forgive stuff like that. Also: maiming Charlie and taking him unnecessarily through the den of Smackfarthing. But a bit of my grudge against Shannon was lifted when she didn’t resort to feminine wiles to get help with all the stuff she had to carry, and she instead told Sayid that she had everything under control when he offered to help her, so my intense loathing of Shannon has slightly diminished. And then, Sayid has his awesome moments where I can’t help but love him and all is forgiven. “Do not hit me again” and similar. Yeah, Sayid is awesome. MASSIVE Sayid love.

As for Charlie, I have to quote lots42: “Burning his last bit of drugs got him his guitar. Maybe he’s hoping if he burns the new batch, he’ll get a shiny new bicycle and a hot bikini for Claire.” Humorous observations like this are the only thing preventing me from smacking the boy upside the head. And in the end, Danielle did the right thing and gave up Turniphead without a fight. Charlie really didn’t need to tear into her like that.

Also, “They were coming for the boy.” Man, I watch 13 episodes of Wonderfalls and I didn’t notice that it could just as easily be referring to Walt as Turniphead. I fail at life television.

So how many Jossed Charlie/Claire fanfiction writers will suddenly decide that Aaron is Charlie’s middle name? XD

When did Sawyer call Michael and Jin “Han” and “Chewie”? How did I miss something like that?

What was in Sawyer’s shirt that freaked Michael out? The gun, presumably?

1And speaking of the Darwin Awards, I probably shouldn’t be laughing about this, but you have to admit, it’s hilarious.

Watched the last of Wonderfalls. Hilarious, charming, and clever, but I think I can see why it got cancelled. While in its short run it stayed fresh and inventive, I could see it getting repetitive rather quickly. Boo to Fox, hearts to Tim Minear, and uncontrollable giggles to Jewel Staite.

Why is it that all our Big Damn Actors are evil in their later Whedon and Minear incarnations? A misogynistic preacher serving as the right-hand man of the First Evil, an evil goddess that robs the world of free will and is responsible for the horrors of Connor/Cordy, the manifestation of the Senior Partners, and the Wicked Wife of the West. Go figure. And at least they had sufficient prior notice of cancellation in order to wrap everything satisfactorily. Didn’t Angel only have five episodes’ notice?

Anyway, Brenna: I’ve been using the “official” BitTorrent client, and recently BlogTorrent, because it set itself as default and I see no compelling reason to expend the effort to switch back. Using BitTorrent is easy. Download a client, then go to a site that has offers torrents, like those you listed. Click/open the torrent file. The file transfer should start automatically. Email me if you have any problems. Priscellie at gmail.