To all the merry browncoated Flans seeing Serenity tomorrow:


You spoil me, I whack you over the head with a post-holer.


Hah! I knew I wasn’t crazy! I stopped by the animation lab this evening to send myself a bunch of files, and I ran into another guy from my class who was also under the impression that the animation wasn’t due until tomorrow. And my teacher didn’t even email him about it, so he was shocked when I told him that everything was supposed to be due Tuesday. I wonder how many other students were under the same impression? After all, only three students turned in revised animations on Tuesday, and there are something like 16 people in the class.

Oh — my socks were calf-length, with light blue, dark blue, dark red, grey, and white stripes. I think Chungy was right, if I remember my sock history. Rebecca gets points for tapping into the knowledge that the socks were acquired in her presence. Dad gets negative points, as I am quite meticulous about my hygeine, thank you very much, and I just did my laundry yesterday. So meh.

Hilarious: George W Bush: The Genius Behind the Stupidity

In real-life news, my animation professor told me that as long as I get it in before the 9th, he’ll still grade it. Seeing as how I leave on the 7th and don’t have the necessary software at home, and how I was originally planning on turning it in tomorrow on the 5th, this will not be a problem. I imagine he’ll probably dock points, but oh well. What can you do?

Hopefully, I’ll have my animation up on my website for download by Thursday afternoon. If not, Friday afternoon. If not, wait longer. :D

This certainly takes the sting off. Graham Norton asks Orlando Bloom: What is your favourite vegetable? Once more, with fangirls!

RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHH. My animation professor is officially the most frustrating person on the planet. Last Thursday at our critique, he originally said that because he was leaving town Wednesday (tomorrow), he wanted everything in by Tuesday (today) at 9AM. Then he changed tacks and asked his TA what his schedule looked like, and he said that he wouldn’t be able to get to anything until Friday. My professor then told us that we could turn our stuff in by Thursday at noon.

At least, that’s what I so vividly remember. I just got an email from him asking why I didn’t turn in my final project tape, as apparently it was still due this morning. I’ve emailed him back, explaining my story. There’s no way I can be the only one with this misconception.

I’m particularly upset because if I’d understood that everything was to be due today, I would have had no problem whatsoever in having it done in time. However, because I thought it wasn’t due until Thursday, I’ve been working on stuff for other classes, and I haven’t worked on my animation since the day of our critique.

I don’t get why my professor and I seem to have such a communication block. I feel like I can never fully grasp what he says in class, whether it’s a technique that the entire class seems to have learned in lecture that I completely fail to recall, or stuff like this. I’m paying rapt attention in class, but sometimes it seems like it’s in one ear and out the other.

“What we have is a failure to communicate,” I suggest to myself, then am promptly shot.

Jimmy froze and I lost my blog entry. Umm… let’s see what I can remember.

In the category of “*facepalm*-inducing Politics”:

Ohio Abortion Ban Proposed, “This bill would create felony criminal charges against any provider who performs an abortion, even to save the life of the woman” and “This bill would prohibit women from going across state lines to get an abortion and do so much more.”

Plus, Evolution on trial as Kansas debates Adam vs Darwin. (Link ganked from Will) Can we just get the jury together and have a big group screening of “Inherit the Wind” and be done with it? *hums* Once that reefer has been destroyed/we’ll start on Darwin and Sigmund Freud…”

Which reminds me… those that haven’t gotten a chance to see it can download “Reefer Madness” here, as it doesn’t come out on DVD until September. It’s utterly hilarious, and I’d recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor. And for those of you like me that think Showtime is pack of fools for having no plans for releasing a soundtrack, sign the petition here. Currently attempting to find fanmade boots of the movie soundtrack, as I am assured that the movie version is far better than the stage cast. (Plus, hey, Alan Cumming!) All attempts to extract the audio track myself have failed.

Edit: Ooh! Remembered the other link I posted! Ganked from Sam: Oxyrhynchus plays merry hob with Satanists; heavy metal groups dismayed. Hey, and as they discover new fragments of the Book of Revelations, I wonder if they’ll find references to Ronnie Soak.

I think I may accidentally have been spoiled for something that happens in the Lost finale. If so: PLEASE DEAR GOD NO, LET NO HARM COME TO (INSERT CHARACTER’S NAME HERE)!!!

Here’s hoping I’m just mistaken.

In other news, my laptop hates me. I keep putting off a much-needed upgrade of my memory and RAM because I’m half convinced I should just bite the bullet and get a new computer. Aaargh, Jimmy. Did I doom you by naming you after a fictional character that is endearingly stupid? (If so, maybe I should have named my iPod “Illyria” after all. There’s something refreshingly robust about a God-King. And I could have gotten her a blue case, and then the nice men in white coats could have come by and offered me free room and board in a nice, soft room and a lovely wardrobe of “huggy coats”.)


Good Lord school needs to be over.

*hums Camelot’s “Lusty Month of May”, as per tradition*

Happy Belated Birthday to Terry Pratchett! April 28th.