Whee! RotK is up at Hand Puppet Theatre! Infinite loff to Jerry the Frog Productions. <333333

Tell me this is a joke.

*pointedly hums "John Birch Society"*

Iowans: You'd better be caucusing tomorrow night! (And for DEAN!)

Mmm, why would anyone need a TV when they have a high-speed connection and cspan.org?

Great Political Quotes, courtesy of Fark.

Woah! Coming back to my room after getting my book back from Giselle, a bunch of the guys were sitting in the lounge, as usual, but for some reason, I got a strange sense of deja-vu from Dan's expression. Where had I seen that face before? Then it clicked. In that moment, he looked uncannily like mini-20-year-old-Dom in "Hetty Wainthrop Investigates". If in 8 more years, goofy, cute, awkward-looking miniDom can evolve into Teh Sexxor present-Dom, then I'd better keep an eye on Dan. If he shows any indication of becoming Dom, I may have to start being Jewish, as Dan's mother has forbidden him from even looking at cute gentiles like me. XD

Ah, Dan. The quotes board is replete with your witty quips regarding this matter.

Anyway, I told him to freeze and grabbed my camera and explained to him that I would not be living up to my fangirl status if I did not record the resemblance, but by the time I moved around for the best angle, the Dom!spark vanished and he was left looking mildly-like-miniDom-but-not-noteworthily-so. Alas. I shall be on the lookout for further hints of Dommage! What a pity! (Ha ha ha. Bilingual puns!)

Sleep now? Yes, mother.

Weather.com, what is a "Light Freezing Drizzle"? You're even weirder and more specific than sound effects rendered in Closed Captioning! But yay, it's no longer "too cold to snow!" It's a bit silly when you find yourself thinking "Hey! Today's high is 20! It's really warming up!"

Mkay, really going to sleep now. I wonder what Giselle is doing with my copy of LotR. She asked to borrow it for a moment a few minutes ago. I hope she doesn't get curious about my post-it notes and actually look at them. Well, most of them are fine, but the word "GAY" scrawled in huge letters across one of the tabs marking the offending Tom Bombadil song might require a bit of explanation.

Heehee! Saffron Burrows, who plays Andromache in the new Troy movie, apparently just wrapped up production on "Gray Matters," in which she co-stars with Alan Cumming! Mmm, 6 Degrees of Separation. Of course, if life worked like that, I would wish that I were playing Helen, as she kisses Orlando Bloom, who kisses Dominic Monaghan, who has said that he would marry Billy if Billy were female. In other news, WOW LOOK A SHINY THING OVER THERE! *runs away*

Now is the time for all good fangirls to go to sleep.

*cackles* To celebrate, I'm watching Moulin Rouge. Hee, I'm so amused. I'm always too wrapped up in LotR to be able to giggle at David Wenham for portraying both Faramir and MR's Audrey, but now, I'm giggling my head off, imagining our favourite Gondorian captain in delicious drag.

I wonder if Peter Jackson only allowed himself to cast actors who had appeared in drag in previous theatrical exploits. We have Elrond in Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, and Merry dressing as a woman in an episode of Hetty Wainthropp Investigates [EDIT: Apparently, brandyhall.net doesn't allow direct-linking! For shame! See them for yourself here under Episode 6: Safe as Houses] (why do ALL MEN have better legs than me?), and Pippin... well, I have no idea what Billy is up to here and I'm not going to guess, but he's wearing a wig, and he's probably wearing a kilt, and that's good enough for me. And Legolas doesn't count because in LotR, he always looks like a girl.

So yeah. Um... look at baby!Elijah! Actually, he's nine here, but he looks four. And he still looks EXACTLY THE SAME.

Erm, yeah. That's all I have to say about that. Carry on. *politely shoos you away*



Edit: I just opened the other fortune cookie. It says "A good time to start something new." Gotta love the fortune cookie industry.

Okay. I've been checking my email every 10-25 minutes to see if the cast list for "The Trojan Women" has been posted. Just now, so that I wouldn't have to leave my room and could keep checking every few minutes, I ordered in Chinese. My fortune cookie? "A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains."

Very funny, God.

Whee! Just got back from "The Trojan Women" callbacks, and I'm really excited. There are 13 girls trying out for 5 female roles, not three, and the chorus will have significant speaking roles, as well. We find out our parts this evening. Huzzah!

As for The Penn Singers, I don't even know why they held auditions, as it turns out they never had any free spaces to begin with. Great. *sigh* Ah well. I never would have gone to the "Trojan Women" audition if I hadn't already been in the building for the Penn Singers audition, so it all turns out for the best.

*gurgle* An interview with Billy Boyd on KissFM. Kilts! Really bad attempts at Scottish accents! Loch Ness! Haggis! Et cetera! Go listen!

(Click "Misc" and it's the first thing listed. *happysigh*)


CNN.com: The Hubble Space Telescope will be allowed to degrade and eventually become useless, as NASA changes focus to President Bush's plans to send humans to the moon, Mars and beyond, officials said Friday. (click the link above to read more)

*has the MST3K "Mike killed the Hubble" song stuck in her head, but is not amused*

Why is this man still in office?

Ha! Found it! Thank you, lotrboys_daily and bagendinn! It's the image I referred to ages ago of Dom and Billy encountering photorealistic Merry/Pippin slash. (image originally from Theban Band, which is bad and wrong but also hilarious. NOT WORK-SAFE. Or parent-safe, for that matter.)

Those poor, poor boys. XD

I can just imagine Dom saying "I don't remember doing that!" (or worse, "But I thought the camera was off!")

(From the Wellington TTT premiere)


Hey, kids! Remember this? Lord of the Rings + the cast of MST3K = Edward the Less! Huzzah! I wish they'd continued it for TTT and RotK, though I imagine it would be difficult to handle most of the plot elements, as the majority of the major characters in LotR don't exist. XD


I love my family.

You are no doubt familiar with the British expression "Keep a stiff filtrum!"
Keep your filtrum well covered up if you go outside.

BTW, has anyone actually tried to physically keep a stiff upper lip? I think there's a Calvin and Hobbes strip on the matter. It's quite difficult. You end up making some interesting faces.

BOOYEAH! Who just made callbacks for a show she wasn't even planning on auditioning for? Oh yeah, that would be me.

I auditioned for the Penn Singers, which went well, but could have gone better. The accompanist and I just weren't jiving, so my performance wasn't as good as it could have been, but I made a good impression on the auditioners and everything and offered the bribe of my enormous Gilbert and Sullivan mega-libretto-thing, so my chances are still good. And there weren't many people auditioning, so even though they probably have fewer spots available, I still feel like I have a decent chance.

But the real coolness was happening right down the hall. Jen, another of the Penn Singers, was helping out with the auditioning process for The Trojan Women, a modernized Greek play. I decided to stick around and audition just for the heck of it, and my audition actually went insanely well. There were two parts, one with a woman named Marcie (a teacher), in which we did mainly physical acting and movement to judge potential for the chorus, and the other with a man named Jim (another teacher) and his assistant director, Billy. There were three non-chorus female speaking roles, Helen, Hecuba, and Andomache. As my fellow auditionees and I glanced over the script excerpts, Jim looked at me and told me I shouldn't even bother with Hecuba and that I should audition for Helen. What a compliment! To recommend that a girl audition for the most beautiful woman in the world? Dude. (Guys, take note.)

He handed me the excepts for Andromache and Helen and told me to read for Andromache first. By the time I finished the first page of monologue, he told me that I could stop, and started questioning me in that hint-hint nudge-nudge tone about my comittments "if you were to be offered a role" and told me that I had made callbacks. Very good vibes there. So yay! Saturday! 12-3! Hurrah! And such!


"The space between his nose and his lip. I think itís called the filtrum. Thatís f-i-l-t-r-u-m. Billyís got a fantastic filtrum. You know how babies have that very cute, sweet little filtrum? Billyís got the exact same thing! So that would be my #1 favourite thing about Billy."
-- Dom

I AM SO PSYCHIC! Feel the philtrum-love. And Dom, you are excused from the spelling error because you're cool enough to know the word. *hearts* (Edit: Oh. Apparently it can be spelled both ways. I stand corrected.)

Further Edit: Looking for the source of the quote led me to this interview: Dom's 18 Favourite Things About Billy (original source here). *is a melted puddle of fangirlish glee*

And let it be known that searching Google for Filtrum +"billy" results in a disturbing amount of RPS. *fear*

Happy Birthday to Heidi and Happy One-Day-Belated Birthday to Flourish! *schnoogles you mightily*

And it is now 12o with a wind chill of -4o. Life is so hard. And today is the first day of auditions for the Penn Singers' production of The Gondoliers. Grblxmrusvl. And it only snowed like half an inch last night, lying, scummy weather reporters. *shakes fist at the world in general*

Wow. A Fox News article urging Republicans to vote Howard Dean? I never knew that signs of the apocalypse could be so beautiful.

Edit: And this just in! Carol Moseley Braun is dropping out of the race and endorsing Dean. How much do I love this woman? There are no words. (Though I'll certainly miss her presence at the Democratic debates. She was like an oasis of pleasant tranquility and eloquentness. And I think I'll take this as a sign that I should go to sleep now.)


I just realized who my film noir teacher looks like: Sandra Bullock. I'm sure he'd be pleased to know that.

Meanwhile, yay, it's snowing! The cold weather is worth it if it's accompanied by the fluffy white stuff. We're supposed to get 3-5 inches! And I'm so glad it's flurrying tonight and not yesterday, as walking a mile and a half to and from 40th Street alone in the dark in the snow just wouldn't be cool.

Current Temperature: 18oF
Wind Chill: 6oF

I don't have to put up with this! I'm a Texan! *flails*

Personal Challenge: Get the feel of Adobe Illustrator's different approach to color and the pen tool and whatever comes up along the way.
Result: My Tuesday schedule gives me way too much free time.

Edit: Well! If it isn't 2:45 AM! Now isn't that quaint?


Oh, Starbucks. I asked only for a shot of peppermint in my hot chocolate, and not only did you give me my wish, but you added sprinkles! You truly know the way to my heart. I've almost forgiven you for temporarily depriving me of Tazoberry.

Anyway, it looks like it's going to be an interesting semester. I adore today's (and Thursday's) schedule: just two 1 1/2 hour classes, spaced four hours apart. And organized with times that make dining easy and convenient! I will be able to eat breakfast! Hurrah!

Math: Calculus. Blegh. But it looks like it will be nice and tolerable this semester, as my teacher is hilarious and insane. He's this big black guy that's SO EXCITED ABOUT HIS MATERIAL (he broke at least 6 pieces of chalk in a one hour period) and uses phrases like "Now let's kick this up a notch" talking about conic sections. And Jing and Karim are in my class with me, so that's always crazy fun. Yay math! Or something!

Visual Communications: He showed us several clips from student films, one of which involving ninjas (no, not that one. A different Penn student Ninja film). And he taught one of Jerry Seinfeld's best friends Communications when the two were first setting out on the Stand-Up Comedy circuit and showed them how they could improve their act. 'Nuff said.

Happy Birthday to Orlando Bloom! May your day be truly Orl33t!

Dear KaZaA users,

The following are *not* Return of the King: "Boogie Nights," "American Wedding," 3 hours of blackness. Please do not label them as such.



Hmm. I'm generally pleased with my classes so far. Today I had my Math recitation, Java and Java Lab, my Film Noir writing seminar, and Fundamentals of Digital Design. 7 hours of classes, starting at 9AM and continuing to 7PM. So not the cool. Oh well. And now, on to the boring, detailed commentary/summary thing!

Math: I'm thinking of switching classes (if any of the other time slots open *shakes fist*), as having a recitation first thing Monday morning for a class where homework will either be due on Friday or at the recitation itself on Monday is absolutely stupid. Once they've hammered out all these details, I'll talk to Amy about switching. But in the meantime, all is cool, as my friends Jing and Karim are in the recitation with me. So yay.

CSE: Last semester, our teacher had a very thick Portugese accent and made random references to The Hitchhiker's Guide. This semester, our teacher has a very thick Romanian accent and makes random references to Harry Potter. This new accent would probably be quite swoonworthy if attached to someone less old and blimplike. Mmmmm, inability to pronounce the "th" sound. *happy sigh*

CSE Lab: Full of DMDers! And TAed by Jean, who rocks and helped me raise my final grade last semester a justly deserved 2.5 points.

Film Noir: All the way across campus. And I have to go four times a week. *whines* So considering upgrade to two-wheeled transportation. Anyway, the teacher seems very cool, and my classmates seem neat.

M (a girl in the class): [introducing] I'm M [last name], and my namesake is actually in one of the films we'll be seeing in this class.
Me: I'm Priscilla Spencer, and I'm named for Priscilla Lane, but not the same Priscilla Lane in "Arsenic and Old Lace"
Prof Donovan: Lots of frightening names in this class. It's scary, I'm going to have to give you all A's in self-defense.

And no textbook! W00t!

Digital Design Fundamentals: We'll be learning Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop (snerk), Corel Painter, and InDesign. The professor seems a bit weird, but I have a crazy number of friends in the class, so no complaints here. Okay, actually one complaint. We had to buy our own Wacom styli for use in the lab, which is utterly stupid. And I can't use my current stylus, as it's for an Intuos I as opposed to Intuos II, which are apparently incompatible. And the styli are $50. Lunacy. Of course, because the stylus was so expensive, we don't have to buy any sort of text or cash out on other art supplies, so it's a pretty good deal for an art class. Ah well. (And while I was in the bookstore, I got the "Four Hobbits Walk Into a Bar" issue of Premiere and some chapstick, so it's okay.)

*snorks* I just realized that I had unconsciously selected a black notebook for my Film Noir class. I am *so* entertained.

LotR Drinking game! *sips lemonade*

Does anyone know how to get to the "Follow the Butterflies" bit on Borhtering Snape or Trouble at Hogwarts? *is clueless*


::goggles:: Apparently, I am a BNF. *finds this and all comments on votes absolutely hilarious* Obviously, Maggie won by a landslide, but duh, she's MAGGIE. I'm surprised I got any votes at all! *is pleased*

Aliceypoo: and did you see this?
Aliceypoo: http://www.livejournal.com/users/hpbnfdm_lives/3514.html#cutid1
PriscillaofDoom: GAK!
Aliceypoo: I wonder who's behind this whole thing and if they actually knew that you and Mags've actually slept in the same bed :P
PriscillaofDoom: Since when am I a bnf? *flails* And I could never stand a chance against Mags' super sexyness!
Aliceypoo: I was in an earlier round, i somehow got paired with Sam :p
PriscillaofDoom: *laughs*
Aliceypoo: the whole thing amuses me
PriscillaofDoom: *reads comments about my artistic ability*
PriscillaofDoom: *cheers*
PriscillaofDoom: *is SO amused*
Aliceypoo: there are some mean ones too
Aliceypoo: I want to thwap them
Aliceypoo: but then it'll just turn into wankery
Aliceypoo: and artists will have nothing to do with wankery, unlike writers! ha! *sticks nose in air*
Aliceypoo: you are totally BNF
Aliceypoo: and Mags is too!
PriscillaofDoom: noooo, say nothing! bnfers aren't real people, so they have no feelings, remember? Heck, I'm well aware of the fact that Mags is a better artist. I accepted it long ago.
Aliceypoo: *laughs*

favourite vote: "magsby. priscellie's art is even uglier than starling's, and that's saying something." *laughs and laughs*


From "The Daily Show": Why Dean is Unelectable

(do not attempt to eat or drink anything while watching this clip)

Someone with more free time than me needs to make a website dedicated to the Fantabulous Philtrum* of Billy Boyd. Because dude, philtrums are sexy.

::runs off to make icons::

* Philtrum: n. The area between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip.

Edit: Scandal! Apparently, I am not the first to come up with the idea of a philtrum fansite! J-Lo, your philtrum PALES in comparison to the lusciously philtrum-tastic Billeh.

Mwahaha. Just got back from the bookstore, and out of five classes, apparently three don't have texts, one is most likely optional, and the last is the same as one of my classes last semester. Go my schedule!

Dear President Bush,

You are a complete moron. Don't push for things in the space program that you don't understand. And I'm sorry, but with our economy in this state, the LAST thing we need is a revitalization of the Apollo missions.

VotingDean-fully yours,

Back at school again. Alas and woe. But awaiting me in my mailbox was the next issue of Cinefex, which spotlights RotK (and Peter Pan and Master and Commander) and I have a Christmas card from Sannali! And Abe has the same edition of Lord of the Rings as I do, so I can borrow his copy to read the first 14 pages, which are mysteriously absent from my copy. Joy of all glees!

Also, I'm a complete moron and I just realized that I left the power cable for my 1:4 USB adapter at home, so I can only hook up two USB devices at the same time. At the moment, my mouse and printer are connected, but I'll have to get creative when I need to hook up my camera or tablet or summat. I'll have to make a list of all the stupid things I left at home, then give it to my parents at the end of the week so they can send everything together. I realized on the plane that I forgot my loofah.


One of my classes is in room 12 of the Addams Fine Arts building. Addams-12. Please tell me I'm now the only one really amused by this.

EEEP! How could I have not posted about this? I remember writing the entry... Blogger must have eaten it somehow. Anyway, here's my belated GUSH GUSH GUSH over the fantabulously rockin' picture of Percy that Maggie left in the guest house for me to find when she went back home. *heartheartheartheartheart*

It bears the caption "Not evil. Just better than everyone else."


Meanwhile, as my dad and I drove back from dinner, he referred to my car as "Baby." Now, when I first got my car, I referred to it as "my baby" because, well, it was. But I said that I didn't want the name to stick, and that I would come up with a better name eventually. Of course, I never did. But tonight, as he had read my post where I dreamed that he was Aragorn, I said that he was more than welcome to drive my car while I was at school, as "the King of Gondor deserves better than that ancient Cadillac." At that, a potential name sprang instantly into my head. Brego, Aragorn's horse? Of course, as my car is an evil, gas-guzzling SUV, my mind next went to the environmentally unfriendly Saruman, who, after all, has "a mind of metal and wheels." This amused me far too much in its appropriateness, but as my car is my symbol of freedom in Dallas (and my friends' freedom, the moochers XD), "Saruman" is a bit too evil for my tastes. Mmm, I shall continue to ponder. Maybe something will leap out at me when I'm reading the book...

I don't want to go back to school tomorrow. Wah.


Participate in the HPVP or be shunned from polite society for LIFE!

Me last night:

"It's 3AM! Go to sleep, self!"
"But this theory is so coooooool!"

Then before I got to post about it, my computer went whacko and I had to restart, so I lost the link. But then Burkhead posted about it in a comment, proving her sky-high coolness and psychicness quotient. Go her.

Weird dream. I dreamed that I broke my leg somehow, and I had to wear a cast for 11 weeks. But I never actually wore a cast, it was just my bare leg. After five weeks, I went in to the doctor to see how the bones were healing, and it felt completely healed, except for a tiny spot just below my knee, which was still sensitive. The doctor told me that if I had been wearing proper, sturdy shoes, it would have healed already.

So I went shopping for new shoes in a gypsy market with my dad, and we came upon a French brother and sister, who were playing Monopoly with an oversized deck of cards. The girl was claiming to play solitaire. We struck up a conversation in French, and she laughed at me and asked me if I had ever been to school, as my grammar and vocabulary was painfully bad. I told her I was American and had only taken a few years of French, so I could only speak a little of the language.

We continued talking, with her correcting my French every so often, when the store was raided by police officers who arrested the brother and sister. I can't remember what they had done, but there was no question of their guilt. Because we felt sorry for them, my dad helped pay for their arrest/trial/bail/whatever, as my mom looked on in disapproval. Then my dad was Aragorn, and he signed the credit card "King Elessar."

Go figure. *shrugs*

Mostly for Alicey, but really for everyone: The Script to Return of the King! *saves*

(Edit: Ah! So it's confirmed that the elf is Figwit? Score! I am so right!)

Further Edit: Ah, reading this transcription conjures memories of seeing RotK with Alicey and Mags. While we waited for the movies to start, Alicey taught me a few words in elementary sign language. "Good," "bad," "thank you," "sexy," etc. She had me stop writing a direct transcript early on in the movie, as she found she could understand what was going on without my frenzied secretarying, but as anyone would expect, there were some details that could not be gleaned from visual clues alone. As Gandalf told Pippin of the mercenary ships making their way to Osgiliath and Minas Tirith, she turned to me, puzzled. The sign language gesture for "bad" was all that was necessary to keep her abreast of the new plot developments. As the movie went on, she taught me the gestures for "brave," which I used on Sam, and "cute," which I abused on Merry and Pippin. Now I really want to learn more Sign Language. It's just so nifty! *goes back to reading*


A little help here, guys? Does anyone happen to know where I can find the picture of Billy and Dom reacting in horror to a piece of M/P slash art? I saw it months ago... mentioned it to my friends at lunch, and Chungy and Sleen want to see it.

In the meantime, SomethingAwful.com's Medieval Masterpieces! *is so entertained*


Something Hilarious: The Seven Types of Lord of the Rings fans.

01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07.

I classify myself as #2, with hopes of becoming #5, though more likely to become more like #6, due to large #3 tendencies. *resigns to loserhood*


On an entry a couple days ago, Tanja suggested "It would be interesting if you kept a LotR diary or something similar where you would compare the book and the movie. Just your random thoughts. Many people have compared the movie and the book, but I have never seen a comparision made by someone who saw the movies first."

Sounds like a great idea, say I. So without further ado:

Musings on Book One of Fellowship of the Ring

Plenty to talk about here, though I imagine many of the things I'm going to point out could easily have been made by someone who had read the books first. Of course, because lines from movies often stick in my mind more readily than lines from books, I suppose I have a slight advantage, as it would therefore be easier for me to pinpoint the source of narration and dialogue as I read for the first time. I think that to keep references to the books and movies straight, the book titles will be prefixed as "Book!Fellowship of the Ring" (or B!FotR) and the movie titles as "Movie!Fellowship of the Ring" (or M!FotR, with M!FotR:EE indicating the Extended Edition). Mmm, acronyms.

Spoilers assumed for both versions of the entire "trilogy."

I guess the first character I should mention is the obvious Tom Bombadil. I'm struggling to think of why on Middle Earth people were getting so up-in-arms about his removal from the screenplay, as he really didn't strike me as being terribly vital to the story, with the possible exception as being vehicle to gratuitous hobbit nekkidness and blatantly obvious super-gaydom. In fact, so much of what I've read so far seems so drawn out and superfluous. I would probably feel very different and much more territorial and protective if I had read the books first, but having seen the movies first, it's much easier to appreciate Peter Jackson's nerve and ability to look through the book and ask himself "Is this vital to the plot? What is this supposed to contribute to the story? Could something else fulfill this same role?" Without it, M!FotR would probably end up being about 15 hours.

And interestingly enough, I've come to realize as I make my way through the book that the film is actually surprisingly close to canon. Tolkien's story still gets told. It might be Gollum muttering the incantation of the Barrow-wight or Treebeard speaking the words of Tom Bombadil (I'm now curious as to what Treebeard himself has to say, now that so many of his movie lines are revealed to have come from Tom.) or Gandalf imparting to Pippin the description of Frodo's dream of the Grey Havens, but the words are still said. The "shortcut to mushrooms" is not the only easter egg Jackson offers the fans.

I was positively gleeful when I found the words of M!RotK!Pippin's "Steward of Gondor" song in one of Bilbo's old travelling songs, then noticed that in M!FotR(:EE?), Gandalf and Bilbo in turn sing one of Frodo's walking songs ("The road goes ever on and on". (Edit: Oh, wait. The song was Bilbo's first. Well... Gandalf and Bilbo sing it in the movie, and Frodo and Bilbo sing it in the book. So there.) I just love what the movies do with the songs I've seen so far. "Ho! Ho! Ho! To the bottle I go" is amusing (or slightly depressing, given your reading) in book-context, but I think M!FotR:EE Pippin's modification was a great improvement over the ending of Tokien's version in the new movie context, i.e. sung while very, very drunk. "Better than rain or rippling brook/There's a mug of beer inside this Took!" *loves* I adore all the songs the book has to offer, and I'm sad to see so many of them go for the movie. Though I'll probably have more to say about this when I see Legolas bursting into song.

I grinned at Fatty Bolger's cameo in M!FotR, as he was practically a bigger character than Merry in Book 1 of FotR. Hanging around with Alicey has gotten me in the habit of watching movies with captioning; I don't think I would have noticed it otherwise. He's one of the guests Bilbo greets at the party, and interestingly enough, one of the few hobbits that didn't look totally stereotypical and overblown in Hobbitness. I marvelled at the "Concerning Hobbits" scene in M!FotR:EE, as none of the hobbits Bilbo describes really look like real people until you get to Sam, who is a bit of a surprise in comparison. Probably because he was one of few hobbits Bilbo wasn't making fun of. *shrugs*

I'm not yet sure how I feel about Arwen taking Glorfindel's place. Yeah, it works, and it's one less (fewer?) character to introduce, and it's nice to have a bit more female representation following Goldberry's removal from the script, but as I'm still a book newbie, I'll keep my mouth shut on matters I haven't read enough about.

And I've now written way more than enough, so I'll close this chapter of Priscilla's LOTR Diary-Thing and return when I've finished Fellowship. *goes off, humming M!FotR:EE!Merry and Pippin's drinking song*

[re: Gollum]
Dom: Sometimes he looks old, sometimes he looks young, sometimes he looks like a dog, sometimes he looks like a frog, sometimes he looks like a monkey, sometimes he looks like a bus...
Billy: A bus?
Dom: Sometimes a bus.


WOOOOO HOOOO!!!! Who's your daddy?
CSE  120  PROG LANG & TECH I      1.00  CU   B+
Term Statistics: 4.50 CU GPA 3.33


Billy: We disappear in the film for fifty minutes.
Dom: And that is probably some of the darkest piece of cinema, that you'll see in those 50 minutes.
Billy: I think it's actually a storytelling device. That it makes people get sadder and sadder.
Dom: Just long for Pippin and Merry.
Billy: Yeah, they're thinking, "I'm missing something here. I don't know what I'm missing."
Dom: "There's a piece of my life, a shard of my heart, has been torn out."
Billy: "I don't know what it is!"
Dom: "I don't understand what it is."
Billy: And then, there's the two little buggers up a tree!
Dom: Ah!
Billy: Ahh, that's better, eh?
Dom: Like a new sunrise!
Billy: Ah, it's beautiful. Like someone's just given you a cake.
Dom: Yeah. Or candyfloss. Or cotton candy, as you might say in America.
Billy: Mmm, cotton candy. Or a big bag of popcorn!
Dom: Or pumpernickel!
Billy: Ahh, pumpernickel. Rocky road.
Dom: Baby Ruths. You just get sudden chocolate bars then.
Billy: Mmm.
Dom: I look like my brother there.
Billy: Yeah.

Dom: I think maybe "The Two Towers" should have been called "The Adventures of Merry and Pippin."
Billy: We shall rename it. Because I think we spoke about... I lost my train of thought. Say something for a minute.
Dom: I really like eggs in the morning. And bacon at night. Is that wrong?
Billy: No! Carry on, carry on!
Dom: When I was seven, I used to eat ants.
Billy: Got it! We were talking about... em... lost again.
(They laugh)
Billy: It's quite incredible, isn't it?
Dom: It was probably a lie, Billy.


And I love how they provide commentary on each of the actors as the credits roll. It's so MST3K!
Dom: Viggo Mortensen!
Billy: Mad as a fish.
Dom: Smells a little bit.

So much better than the Elijah/Sean/Andy commentary, which has a lot of bickering and talking over one another, and the Orlando Bloom, which is essentially just fanboying of his fellow actors. OR1337!!1! (Though John Rhys-Davies and Christopher Lee and Sir Ian rock my socks.)

Yeah, Dom and Billy. *happysigh* Stream of consciousness. So hilarious. And if you find someone in the world with a cuter accent than Billy, I will eat my laptop. (Yes, I still love you, Alan Cumming. But Billy never did "Spy Kids" or "The Mask II." Shame, Alan. Shame.)

Meanwhile, today's Bad and Wrong Yet Absolutely Hilarious award goes to PointlessWasteofTime.com for these two articles. Please don't visit these links, Mom and Dad. (I need to set up a "No Children Named Emmy" system like Sam. That would be helpful.)

Just watched the Gollum "Behind the Scenes" segment on the TTT:EE DVD. If I wasn't already comitted to becoming a 3D animator or special effects artist, this would have convinced me beyond all shadow of a doubt. Gravy. (Oh, and Andy Serkis is so cool there are no words.)


Hee! As if we needed more reasons to poke fun at Kucinich.


In case you missed them, here's the record of what went on at the crazed CG Trio gathering the past week!

Photo Post #1 (First dinner)
Photo Post #2 (All in between)
Photo Post #3 (Final dinner, bowling)

Art Post #1 (F&S, A/L, Sex-me-up!Sirius, Jack Sparrow, Arr! Sea Turtles, K/O, Galiceydriel)
Art Post #1.5 (H/D, Luna, Rebel!Percy)
Art Post #2 (Armor!M&P, T/B vs. T-R, Monopoly!K/O)

Replies to Comments:

Tanja: Yes. Percy was heavily involved in all elements of the production of Return of the King, from start to finish. He was especially fond of Rosie Cotton's smocking patterns.

Me: (Who are you? Identify yourself!) Yes, I saw the movies before I read the books. Is that a crime? I'd read The Hobbit and I was about halfway into FotR when the movies came out, but I put LotR aside for some reason, and now I'm going back after seeing RotK and now I'm reading the books after seeing the movies and probably enjoying them much more than I would have had I not seen the movies first. And dude, my respect for Peter Jackson has increased exponentially and I'm only on chapter 11 of Fellowship.

Moni: Mags is doing Simon and River for me, but alas, he is not shirtless. He is rather rumpled, though, and rumpled!Simon = lickable. And Alicey did a rather nice Simon as well, but she apparently is not so fond of it (even though it rocks) and has not scanned it yet.

Heeeeey! Pippin's "Steward of Gondor" song was derived from Bilbo's walking song in chapter 3 ("Three's Company") of FotR! Hee, It certainly has a different tone than it does in the movie. *is so amused* It's very "There and back again," rather than the movie's "There and killed by orcs." Ah, the joys of finally reading the silly things for myself. ChubbyandProcrastinatory!Frodo! Put-upon!Sam! Whiny!Pippin! ReallyLame!Nazgul! Huzzah!


I met a possum!

No, really. Coming back home from seeing Big Fish (maybe to be Peppered. eventually.), my dad had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting it. It was quite cute. My dad then told me the story of Roansborough, TX, which calls itself The Possum Capital of the World.

"I don't imagine they have much difficulty protecting that title, though," dad continued. "I don't think other towns would really consider it a coveted title."

"But what if they did?" I asked. "They could have a possum-off."

And now, while trying to find the correct spelling of "Roansborough", Google tells me that Brasstown, TX, and Wausau, FL now claim the title of "Possum Capital of the World". Roansborough is surprisingly mute on the issue, coming up with no hits at all. Of course, they probably don't have access to the internet, what with all the possums chewing through the cables. So who wins? There can be only one, you know. And possumcapital.com is no help at all.

So let the possum-off begin! The losers have my condolances.

Edit: Dad just came into my room and told me it was spelled "Rhonesboro." Too much Britishness affecting my spelling judgement. XD They have annual Possum Festivals and elect a Possum King and Queen. They have my vote.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! *blows noisemakers*